Yes, you can put ink cartridges in the refrigerator. You can put them in the refrigerator as they require to be stored in a dark and cool place.

You need to check from time to time whether the towel or sponge. Check if your ink cartridges have dampness or not. But, there are no such limitations that you must keep ink cartridges in the refrigerator. 

You may preserve them in various ways such as keeping them sealed or wrapping them up. Those steps to store ink cartridges can be easier considering your concern. Here we have added many more Helpful tips for storing ink cartridges. After getting the answer can you put ink cartridges in the refrigerator, let’s discuss other additional tips to preserve them.

Can you put ink cartridges in the refrigerator

Helpful Tips to store ink cartridges

We have brought some quick tips to assure those ink cartridges are reserved correctly for long-lasting usage.

Store Ink Cartridges Upright

Always store your hp ink cartridges in a standing direction. If you keep the cartridges lying down or upside-down, there can be leakage. Which can create a mess and waste a lot of capital.

Put the Ink Cartridges in Cool & Dry Places

It is important to make sure that the physical place of the depository is right while selecting the life of the Ink cartridges. In fact, the hp ink cartridges should be reserved in a cool and dry place. 

Putting the hp Ink cartridges in direct sunlight can spoil the quality of the ink. On the contrary, in warm temperatures, the hp ink either will dry out or may leak when it comes to printing

Keep the ink Cartridges Sealed

The plastic sleeve packaging is the best packaging to reserve ink cartridges.  Try not to open them, If you don’t need to use the Ink cartridges. It will prevent the exposure of your hp ink to the open air. And when you will open the cartridge, it will allow being connected to the open air which can cause the hp ink to dry out. To be usable moisture is vital in the cartridge for the ink. Unfortunately, if you have opened try to put them in an airtight package to stay out of contact with the air.

How to Store Opened Ink Cartridges?

If by any chance you have taken it out of its original packaging your Ink cartridge, then 

  • You should move it or store it in an airtight plastic container. 
  • Put your hp ink cartridge in a vertical upright position. For this reason, it won’t get leaked.
  • After placing your cartridge in the airtight container, grab a piece of paper or cloth, and dump it in the water. Then keep it in the container in which the hp ink cartridge is put. 
  • The wet paper or cloth will provide the required moisture to the ink preventing the dryness. 
  • Be careful not to use Plastic polythene for storing your cartridge. 
  • Also, make sure the cartridge’s nozzles are not rubbed against anything or nothing is being touched against it.

The ink cartridge needs to keep away anyhow from coming in contact with the air. 

Storing Open Ink Cartridges Risks 

We will guide you not to open the hp ink cartridges until you need them. But if you have already opened the ink cartridge and have to store it again. However, if you do not follow the process accurately, the moisture of the ink may get faded and could dry out, which gets wasted. 

What needs to do If Ink Cartridge becomes dry?

Wrapping Up

This is one of the major tips that should be followed to save open or not open ink cartridges. But our best recommendation is that you should use your ink cartridge once or twice a month. Wrapping can keep your printer cartridge restorative, which is safer considering others.

Soaking Ink Cartridges

Take a bowl of lukewarm water and place the ink cartridge in the water inside it. Immerse it completely in water. Leave it like this in water for a few minutes. Then dry with a soft cloth. Use cotton and wipe off the water that sticks to it. Gently wipe the tip without damaging the chip.

Dissolving Dried Ink with Rubbing Alcohol

You can use rubbing alcohol instead of warm water. Take a plate or bowl of 50% water with 50% isopropyl alcohol solution and place the ink cartridge in the solution inside it. Immerse it completely in solution. Leave it like this in solution for a few minutes. Then dry with a soft cloth.

Now you need to print a page to see if the nozzle is clean. If a good quality print comes out. Then you will understand that it has been cleared.

To get those tips to clean dry ink cartridges Clearly watch the video 

Tips to use Ink Cartridges that have been stored for a long time

If the cartridges are stored for some time. And you want to print using it. Then do not insert the cartridge into the Inkjet printers without any test. If left unmanaged for a long time, dust and ink will spread on the printer. You can follow these steps to solve the issue:

  • First, unplug the cartridge, and check for any hp ink.
  • Check whether the print head is wet by wiping it with tissue paper all over the print head.
  • Make sure the cartridge contact is OK.
  • Insert into the Inkjet printers and print a test page.

Does the cartridge have an expiration date on it?

Printer manufacturers include expiration dates. So that consumers do not have any problem using their ink or printing quality. Dates are usually written next to the Inkjet printers cartridge or next to the cartridge box. Manufacturers specify mentioned the expiration date, how it can be stored, the temperature of the storage environment, and whether it contains a sealed package as well.

Can I still use the cartridge after the expiration date?

If your cartridge is stored properly in the right environment, you may be able to use it even after the expiration date. That’s right- this is a sealed ink cartridge, but it won’t last forever. However, most can be stored for at least the next two years, from the date of manufacture. Although an expired cartridge can stick to your printhead, there is always a possibility. One possible solution would be to use if you remember the installation date.

Best Printer Ink Buying Guide


Before buying multi types of ink cartridges, always be sure that they are consistent with your printer. It doesn’t have to be the exact label of your Inkjet printers. Unless the hp ink cartridges are compatible with your printer type, you will not be able to use them.

Printing needs

Do you print in black and white or often in color? Determining your printing needs will help you choose the right type of ink in the right amount. In order to reduce the waste of your ink and use it for a long time, you can save money as well.


Products with a warranty are no less effective than products without a warranty. However, a guarantee or warranty means that manufacturers care about customer satisfaction. If you encounter any problems with hp ink. Then the product warranty ensures that you can exchange with a good one without spending money.


Should You Keep The Cartridge In The Printer?

If you are not using the printer, we will recommend not to keep opened ink cartridges in the printer at all. 

Because it’s not the accurate situation for the ink cartridge storage. However, if you are using the Inkjet printers at least once a month you don’t need to store it specifically. 

How do you keep ink cartridges from drying out?

Store at temperatures between -15 and 35 degrees Celsius to put your ink cartridges from drying out. To maintain cartridges from drying out, using the Power button always turn the printer off. And before pulling the plug or turning off a power strip wait until the Power light goes out.

Why do ink cartridges dry out so fast?

After crossing expiration dates Inkjet printers cartridges can dry out so fast, then they can quit functioning. If you’re not careful about storing properly, air can get closer to the cartridge, which speeds up the drying procedure.

Does printer ink dry out if not used?

Yes, cartridges can also dry out if they are not used correctly. Make sure it remains sealed and is reserved upright in a cool, dark space like a desk cupboard to get the moisture out of your printer cartridge. 

How long does it take for printer ink to dry up?

Normally, you can work with photo inkjet printed paper as soon as it comes out of your printer. These will feel dry when touched. In reality, an inkjet print takes about 24 hours to heal and dry completely.

Can I use a different brand of ink in my HP printer?

No, using a compatible or rebuilt printer cartridge will not void your printer’s warranty. As a consumer, you have the right to choose the type of ink you use on your hp printer. And the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act protects your rights and warranty in this regard.

Does a compatible toner damage a printer?

Compatible toner ink will not damage your printer. Unless you work with an admirable partner like Monster Technology. In the end, you get the best-quality toner at the most inexpensive price available such as an Epson ink cartridge.

Final Thoughts

You can choose any of the above methods for storing ink cartridges as an alternative to putting ink cartridges in the refrigerator. It is also your moral responsibility to keep the environment beautiful by preventing the waste of ink. Some simple proofreading can avoid extra printing. Check the spelling before printing and take extra minutes to scan the document for typing. This way you can easily save money and time by saving ink.

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