Cricut Paper in a Regular Printer is made for a different purpose. Probabilities are, that you cannot print Cricut applications on an HP office printer. It is just not designed to print thick paper similar to cardstock and other materials used for Cricut. And, you will need to adjust a lot of settings to get your preferred results. 

If you are asking ‘Can you use Cricut paper in a regular printer’, follow this article for solutions!

Can you use cricut paper in a regular printer

What is Cricut Print and Cut?

Print and Cut is an aspect of the Cricut Design Space. The idea behind Print and Cut is that you could bring text, images, patterns, etc. together to make designs in the software. From there, you print the design on whatsoever medium you select, and then take it to the Cricut to cut it out.

As you could imagine, the options are as infinite as your imagination. With the Cricut Print and Cut and a great printer, nothing could stop you from generating anything you can dream up. Given this, you require a printer that could get the job done.

What Kind of Printer Is Appropriate for Cricut?

If you want to enjoy your Cricut machine to the completest, you will perhaps need a printer to decorate its side. The printer will permit you to print your own designs. And you will be able to use the Cricut machine to its completest potential.

But, the question remains, could any printer work for Cricut crafts?

In terms of printing, any printer must work for your Cricut. The machine will not care about the printer you are using, as long as it is doing its purpose.

However, the subject here lies in the procedure of printing itself. The size, quality, and resolution, of your printing, depend on the printer you are using.

Here, the answer becomes no, you cannot use any printer for Cricut. You will need a printer that’s capable to print on thick paper, like cardboard, card stock, and their alternates. Also, its maximum printing size must align with the sizes your Cricut could support. Or else, you will waste a lot of paper, or worse, go short on it.

What Are the Necessary Things to Consider When Purchasing a Printer for Cricut?

Although the Cricut machine will not say no to any printer you use, you need to be alert of the printer’s capabilities, or else it will be rendered unusable.

If it cannot print on the kinds of paper you use for Cricut, you will not be able to use it. Thus, there are some vital considerations to keep in mind. Here they are.

Printing Technology

There are many types of printers that you could find in the market for example laser printers or Dot Matrix printers. But, you must prefer an inkjet printer for applications similar to image or color art printing, particularly if you are planning to use the printer for Cricut prints. 

It’s significant to know the difference between laser printers and inkjet printers as it relates to what types of jobs they could handle. Inkjet is the one you want for Cricut Print as well as Cut jobs. Laser printers are restricted to printing only on regular office paper.

To print on Cricut compatible material, you require an inkjet printer. Certain materials similar to vinyl and sticker paper would cause difficulties for the laser printer. The heat from a laser printer might melt the coating on several of these materials and harm the printer and your artwork.

Paper Type

Each paper type has a diverse thickness, strength, and size. With Cricut, the thicker the paper, the better since it means you could use it for more applications. Here are the most common kinds used for Cricut. Keep them in your mind when purchasing your printer to make sure it supports them.

Text Paper

Text paper is a bit thin, however not as thin as writing paper. If you want to imagine, think of flyers and brochures. Similar applications require text paper. If you intend on printing these, you’ll need a printer that supports them.

Writing Paper

Writing a paper is the thinnest type available for printing. It is the one we write on; thus you perhaps already know how thin it is. All printers on the market must support writing paper, so you will not have an issue here.

However, it is always good to make sure your printer of choice supports an adequate printing size.

Cover Paper

Cardstock and Cover paper are the most common kinds for Cricut, thus making them the most important to consider. If your printer of choice does not support cover paper and its derivatives, it is not a good choice for Cricut.

Printing Size

Different printers have diverse printing sizes. Thus it is vital to consider how big your printer would be capable to print. For instance, if you are making stickers, it is recommended to go with big printing sizes to avoid lots of waste.

Typically, the size you need varies according to the application you are doing. Your selected printer must be able to print the sizes that you need.

Automatic Document Feeder

The best inkjet printer for Cricut should let you print conveniently. Printers with multiple functions, like scanning and copying, usually have an ADF built on top of them.

This allows you to perform tasks instantly when you insert a page into the printer. Whenever you need to print a single page, you can feed it directly into the ADF without using the input tray. It is a much quicker process and saves time.

Power Consumption

If you are crafting regularly for a hobby or business, it is vital you use an inkjet printer that consumes less power to save your electricity bills. You might want to buy an inkjet printer that uses low wattage and is moreover capable of turning on or off automatically.


If you are designing your pictures on your phone or tablet, you would not like to go over the hassle of transferring them to your computer and then connecting your printer to it.

Today, most inkjet printers permit wireless printing via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC.  The more connectivity alternatives your printer offers, the more appropriate will it be for you.

Duty Cycle

 The duty cycle of any printer specifies the general usability of the printer through a month before it starts triggering difficulties with the prints. Therefore, a printer with a high duty cycle is appropriate for professional use wherever you will print about 1000 designs every month. Instead, an elementary option would be good sufficient for domestic applications.

Printing Resolution

While printing resolution does not make much difference while printing text paper, it could make or break a picture. The upper the printing resolution, the better your image would come out. Thus, your printer of choice for Cricut requires you to offer a high resolution.

For maximum applications, 4800 x 1200 will be sufficient, however, more is always better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need a Printer to Use a Cricut?

Yes, you do require to have your inkjet printer ready when you use Cricut. That is because Cricut is capable of cutting pictures and not printing them.

You need to use the Cricut Design Space software to design your image. And then send a print work to your printer. Once, the image has been printed, you need to insert the paper in your Cricut and it would cut the image.

Can I use any printer with the Cricut?

To put it simply, no. You will not be capable to use any printer for Cricut designs and prints. There are several different kinds of printers available in the market that are designed for diverse applications. For instance, some printers are designed for high-speed printing however several offer printing on thick materials than standard paper. Even if the printer is designed for Cricut, you must check what material it could handle to get an idea regarding its applicability.

Does The Cricut Machine Require a WiFi Connection?

No, Cricut machines do not need a Wi-Fi connection for them to function. Though, you might want to connect your inkjet printer to your WiFi network if you are using Cricut Design Space on your phone or tablet.

Once you are done making a design, you could send a print job to your printer wirelessly. And then insert the printed picture into your Cricut machine. It would cut the image.

Can You Draw and Cut Simultaneously with Cricut?

By using the Draw and Cut feature in the Cricut Design Space Software It is possible to draw and cut simultaneously. You require to select which elements to draw and which to cut earlier. After that, while you insert a blank paper into your Cricut machine, it would draw and cut the elements according to your directions.

Can You Use Cricut Vinyl in Inkjet Printer?

Generally, Inkjet printers that are capable of printing on vinyl, could also print on Cricut Vinyl. When you have designed an image, you could use your printer to print it on Cricut Vinyl. And then use your Cricut machine for cutting it.

Does Cricut Printer Work with Any Material?

It is possible to use Cricut with an extensive range of materials, like poster board, fabric, cardstock, leather, and glitter paper.

Is Cricut Sticker Paper Waterproof?

Like printable sticker papers generally, Cricut sticker paper is not waterproof. But, you could make it water-resistant by laminating otherwise adding a coat of polyurethane.

Is a Cricut Machine a Printer?

The Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker Machines are not printers plus they cannot print. To use the Print, the Cut feature you require to print from Cricut Design Space to a printer. Then use the Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker to Cut.

Final Thoughts

A printer for Cricut needs to be capable to print on thick paper. Moreover, it must offer a high resolution and an adequate printing size. Make certain to consider your needs and confirm the printer complies with them.

Otherwise, you will not be capable to make most of the applications you want.

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