Print on Tyvek Wristbands is an individual choice. Those who want to customize their own design and reduce the cost.

When you want to arrange a party or event, then you need wristbands to identify registered people. But you don’t know how to print it. Here you get the perfect solution on how to print on Tyvek wristbands.

How to Print on Tyvek Wristbands

You can print on Tyvek wristbands to use normal commercial inkjet printers. You might be thinking about inkjet printers. It uses ink to print the document.  

However, Customized wristbands give you a unique look for the bracelets. It can help prevent fraud in the event. To create designs, put colors, and add text or logo of your own. Also, you can design it online. By using Jetbands online designer or downloading templates from the website. 

Then, put the designs on a blank temple of Tyvek wristbands. And, print it using any inkjet printer. Besides, Tyvek wristbands offer inkjet printable sheets. Any inkjet printers would work to print out. After printing make sure the ink is attached properly in the sheets. Finally, the wristbands are ready to wear.

What are Tyvek wristbands used for?

If you work for a school or you are a musician or do host a gathering, then wristbands may be needed. Tyvek wristbands are normally used for securing personalized events, shows, and parties. At the event, only registered and invited people are allowed. 

The most affordable wristbands on the market are Tyvek wristbands. Sometimes it’s known as paper wristbands. Wristbands are used for entrance and crowd control at events. Including nightclubs, parties, school admission, fairs, festivals, sporting events, carnivals, concerts, and hospitals. And they’re also cheap, water-resistant, long-lasting, and safe.

How to design your own in Tyvek wristbands?

Tyvek wristbands offer to add your own design, which seems unique. Unlike many others, Sheet or digital printing is possible using Tyvek wristbands. Although certain of its physical qualities require specific consideration. Tyvek wristbands can be printed in the same way as paper. 

You can add an image and logo, and use color based on your desire. Besides, add a QR code that accesses all the information about the events. The designer and the printer must be aware of Tyvek’s specific features and characteristics to produce outstanding print quality.

Printable Tyvek Wristbands are ideal for temporary use at events. DuPont Tyvek offers waterproof, durable, recyclable, and soft material. So, deciding to design your own is easy and reliable. 

Tyvek Wristband printing template for Microsoft word 

It’s simple and quick to create your own premium wristband. There are a lot of websites available.  You can get many templates for designing wristbands online. From online you get a free template for Microsoft Word. Including the Advantus wristband template and JetBands template. All the guides on the Advantus website about setting up the template and designing your own. 

How to Print on Tyvek Wristbands at Home? 

You can easily print on Tyvek wristbands at your home with the use of any inkjet printer. If you prefer to print at home, there are only three steps needed to follow.

Create design 

Create your own design using Microsoft Word or the online designer. Update your own design in the wristband. Also, you may use images, varieties of color, and specific logos. It gives a unique look to the Tyvek wristband and relates the design details with events. 

Print with inkjet printer 

Put the created design on Tyvek sheets. Place the sheet of paper in the printer’s tray. Then print the Tyvek wristband with an inkjet printer. Look at whether the print quality is accurate or not.

Ready to wear 

After finishing the print tyvek wristband, it is ready to wear. 

There are various other issues that come with printing wristbands. The printer should be capable of printing precisely and at a high resolution. Make sure the ink is set up plain on the Tyvek sheets. Otherwise, crucial information may be lost. However, when it doesn’t work at home, you should contact a professional.

The best Tyvek wristbands For Upgrading Event 

Which Tyvek wristbands are best depends on the quality and color finishing of the bands. You might be wondering, what are Tyvek wristbands? Basically, a Tyvek wristband is a high-density polyethylene or synthetic material. It seems like paper but is durable and waterproof.

You wear it to any event, nightclub, or tour for identifying the guest. There are a lot of brands and options available in the market.

Here we mentioned the 2 best brands of Tyvek wristbands that you can easily use for any upgrading event. There are  WristCo DuPont Tyvek Wristbands and ‎Goldistock Heavier Tyvek Wristbands. These are easy to wear and provide bright colors to identify your friends in low-light environments. 

How to Select the Best Tyvek Wristband for your Event?

It is pretty clear for you why to purchase the tyvek wristband and where to use it. Now, let’s talk about how to select the best Tyvek wristbands. 

Color combination 

Considering the color is the main part of the wristband. The bright and vibrant color wristbands easily help to find your guests and friends, especially in low-light situations. 

The place could be nightclubs, concerts, festivals, water parks, school trips, bars, fairs, resorts, hotels, parks, museums, theaters, breweries, tours, and etc. Make sure the color of the wristband is perfectly visible so that you identify your closure person. 


Adhesive closer must be strong and durable. When you go to water activities and swimming pools, the wristband does not apart from the touch of water. The wristband has to be waterproof and tear-resistant. 

Security number 

In the wristband there input some sequential number which prevents fraud and helps to crowd control. Before purchasing bands make sure the numbers are added in the tyvek sheets. 

Die cut closure 

At the beginning of the wristband has a die cut closure. It is given for tearing apart the bracelet. Once you separate the wristband then you will not wear it again, which is reduced to reuse it. So, check it out, the die cut closure is perfectly visible or not. 

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Final Thoughts

People want to make their gathering or occasion more secure and happier. Tyvek Wristband is the ideal key to make your event crowd and fraud control. Because tyvek wristbands cannot be removed and transferred to another individual, you can be sure that everyone wearing one is present in the event. In this article, we tried to provide necessary information which reduces your all kinds of wondering about choosing the Tyvek wristbands. 

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