Electric Stapler is one of the bare essentials for every office – that includes home offices too. It becomes difficult to staple a few pages with a manual stapler since they jam almost all the time.  On the flip side, electric staplers are specially designed to make your work much easier.

Confused about which one to buy? We have listed the best 5 electric staplers for office use. Check them out to find the most suitable one for your office and remain STRESS-free at work!

Best Electric Stapler For Office Use

top Picks: 5 Best Electric Stapler for Office Use

BOSTITCH Impulse 45 Sheet Electric Stapler
  • 3X Faster Stapling Speed
  • 45-sheet Capacity
  • Staple Refill Alert Light
  • Creative Staple Storage Compartment
  • Budget-friendly
EX-25 Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Stapler
  • High-end Sleek Design
  • 25-sheet Capacity
  • Battery or AC Power Option
  • Anti-jam Technology
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Premium-quality Build
  • Automatic and Manual Stapling
  • Flexible Staple-depth Settings (0 – 70)
  • Finger Guard for High Protection
  • LAMP Indicator Light Alert
Swingline Electric Stapler
  • Classy Silver Sleek Design
  • 20-sheet Capacity
  • Adaptable Staple-depth capacity
  • Low-Staple Refill Alert
  • Noise-free feature
Jiraph Electric Stapler
  • Solid Commercial-grade Build
  • 25-sheet Capacity
  • Adjustable Stapling-depth (0.2 – 1.65 inches)
  • AC and Battery-operated Options
  • 100% Thrilled Money-back Guarantee

1. BOSTITCH Impulse Electric Stapler— Best for Office Use

This electric stapler from BOSTITCH is the best overall on our list for everyday office use. This heavy-duty electric stapler has the capacity to staple up to 45 sheets at a time. Thanks to its Refill Alert Light, you will see a light as an alert when you are low on staples.

The Bostitch Impulse Drive Technology helps to staple really faster than other staplers. Hence, it saves you more time while stapling piles of paper. With its Staple Storage Compartment, you do not have to keep on checking the supply closet to refill.

Another great feature of this commercial electric stapler is its No-Jam technology. It has put an end to the staple jams— all credit goes to the BOSTITCH engineers.

If you are looking for a top-quality electric stapler for the office, the BOSTITCH is surely an all-rounder.


  • Robust construction for years of trouble-free use
  • Quite faster than other electric paper staplers
  • Refill Alert Light blinks when the users need to refill staples
  • Easier staple refilling with no tool required
  • Well-designed Staple Storage Compartment allows users to have extra staples close-by
  • Value pack comes with 5000 staples and a push-style staple remover


  • This stapler cannot be battery-operated.

2. EX-25 Automatic Electric Stapler— Best Overall

The EX-25 is number second on our list and comes with a full strip of 210 premium staples. You can staple up to 25 to 30 sheets of standard-weight paper together in a pain-free manner. Its sleek black body will definitely complement your office desk.

With its lifetime warranty, you can avail of their quick-fix or free replacement service anytime you want.   This heavy-duty electric stapler is jam-free. It also provides you with a noise-free smooth experience.

The EX-25 can also be battery-operated as well. You can move this stapler to any place without the hassle of unplugging or re-plugging. This stapler helps you staple into your desired place and avoid misplaced stapling. With this premium electric stapler, you will have a trouble-free and fun experience.


  • You can operate this electric stapler through either wall current or battery power.
  • The portability feature allows you to use it anywhere whenever needed.
  • Most amazing jam-free and noise-free experience.
  • The EX-25 is specially designed to staple into the right place.
  • Loading staples into this electric stapler is quite easy.


  • The EX-25 has a 25-sheet capacity which is lower than high-end electric staplers.

3. MAX USA CORP. EH-70FII— Premium-quality Electric Stapler

If your job requires you to staple stacks of paper, then MAX EH-70FII can be the best choice for you. Made with high-quality materials, this powerful electric stapler can staple up to 70 sheets at the same time. And the best part is, the stapling is completely touchless.

This flat-clinch electric stapler has a clean, compact, and sleek design that makes it pretty stylish and user-friendly. The Clear Case helps you see the exact stapling position. Its Unique Paper Guide gives you the advantage of 45-degree corner stapling.

It ensures an extra protection layer with its Metal Frame Finger Guard to keep your fingers safe. Its 4-point rubber grips give you the stability to control this stapler better.

If you are looking for an exceptionally good electric stapler with quite a lot of features, then we highly recommend it for your office. There are high chances that you will not find such an amazing device on the market!


  • Long-lasting electric stapler with 5,000-staple cartridge
  • Adjustable settings help you staple up to 0 – 70 sheets together
  • Option to select between automatic and manual stapling
  • Noise-free feature
  • The lamp indicator flashes when you are almost out of staples
  • Restricted Access to Interlock protects your fingers
  • 4-point Rubber Grips help you control it better for the best stapling performance


  • A bit expensive.

4. Swingline Electric Stapler 48208— Best Budget-friendly

The Swingline 48208 is designed to work efficiently and quietly to make stapling an effortless task. With a jam-free feature, its User Control Switch helps you switch it from manual to automatic mode. You can operate this stapler either through electricity or through battery power. 

With its Optima Premium Staples, you can staple up to 20 sheets together. You will also get an onboard detachable staple remover for extra convenience. Equipped with a low staple indicator, it reminds you of when to refill. You can also adjust the paper depth as per your requirements.

If you are looking for more than a 20-sheet capacity electric stapler, check out other options on our list. If not, this budget-friendly electric stapler with its classy design will definitely be a good pick for you.


  • Sleek design will complement your office desk
  • Adjustable paper-depth option as per users’ requirement
  • Option to choose between battery-operated mode and flexible plug-in mode
  • Quiet Motor for preventing noise
  • Jam-free guarantee
  • Indicator light blinks when the stapler is low on staples


  • The Swingline 48208 has only 20 sheets capacity.

5. Jiraph Electric Stapler— Good Deal

The Jiraph Electric Stapler is of a commercial-grade build and is designed to handle the work pressure in the offices. You can staple up to 25 sheets with this paper stapler. It comes pre-loaded with an easy-to-use staple remover as well. Moreover, you have the flexibility to lock the stapler’s depth in from 6mm to 42mm with just a lift of your fingers.

You can operate this sturdy electric stapler through electricity as an automatic stapler. If you want a portable electric stapler, it has also a battery-operated option. On top of that, the brand Jiraph proffers a 100% money-back guarantee to its customers, and that too without even asking any questions.

All in all, this commercial electric stapler can be a good deal if you do not have to staple more than 25 sheets at a time.


  • Well-made commercial-grade design
  • 14-point adjustable depths from 0.2 to 1.65 inches
  • Smooth jam-free stapling experience
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • The stapler can be operated in both automatic or battery mode
  • It comes with a handy staple remover


  • It is a bit louder than other electric staplers available in the market.

Key Considerations Before Buying an Electric Stapler

Electric paper staplers come in with a bunch of mind-blowing features nowadays. Make sure to consider all the following factors before going for a specific model.

Electric Vs Manual Stapler

Electric automatic staplers function amazingly and are quite easy to use. They can staple more than 80 sheets at a time. Some of them can also be battery-operated. Hence, you can use your electric stapler in any way that works best for you.

On the other hand, manual staplers are lightweight and versatile these days. Still, you cannot expect high performance from a manual stapler as it cannot staple tons of sheets at a time.

Sheet Capacity

Electric Staplers are able to staple 20 to more than 80 sheets at once. If you need to staple a large number of sheets in your office, be very sure to go for a strong and expensive electric stapler. As they are able to staple a large number of papers at once.

Staple capacity

Some electric staplers with the highest capacity hold up to 5000 staples. If stapling is part of your daily work, you will not want to carry the burden of refilling it quite often. In this case, you can purchase any highest-capacity electric stapler. But, if you plan to use it for a short span of time only when needed, buying a lower capacity is completely fine.

Staplers’ Speed

Every electric paper stapler works at a different speed. The speed is mainly measured by how many staples a stapler can handle per minute. The highest speed is 40 steps in one minute.

Durability and Design

The electric stapler you will be using in your office should be highly durable and well-designed. The device should also be able to handle the work pressure and some minor accidental drops. It is supposed to be easy to use and hold so that everyone can use it in a hassle-free manner.

Jam-free technology

If you have to staple thick stacks of sheets, make sure the electric stapler has a jam-free guarantee.  If it gets caught every now and then, it will only increase the work pressure for you.

Electric Paper Stapler Price-range 

Electric Staplers are available at a wide range of prices in the market. A low-priced electric stapler is going to cost you between $10-$100. In this price range, you will find a basic stapler for regular stapling with standard speed and minimal jamming.

Mid-range electric staplers work relatively fast and handle up to 40 sheets at a time. You cannot expect an extraordinary electric stapler for this range. Yet, they are able to perform all the stapling jobs at a steady pace. The price range for mid-range electric commercial staplers varies from $100-$300.

High-priced electric staplers between $300-$600 are of premium quality with the highest capacity. Not every office requires a high-end electric stapler. It can be a good fit for offices with never-ending stapling projects. In that case, you will surely need a professional-quality electric stapler.


Do electric staplers work the same with batteries as with the wall power?

Yes. As long as the batteries you should use are not drained, the electric stapler is supposed to be just as functional as it is with an electric outlet.

Do electric staplers get overheated and shut down if they are being used for a longer time?

No. They are designed to be used for an extended period of time and provide you with continuous support. You can without a doubt go for an electric paper stapler.

Can I staple more papers than the maximum sheet capacity of an electric stapler?

Big no-no! If you exceed the highest capacity, you will most likely damage your electric stapler.

Can I use the same staples for all sorts of electric staplers?

You need to use a particular size of staples for most of the electric staplers. All the necessary information will be on the packaging. You may use different sizes of staples for cartridge staplers. Yet, it is highly recommended to use the right size staples for your staplers.

How do I get the right size staples for my electric stapler?

Check out the bottom of your stapler to know what size staple it takes. The size, most of the time, is written in a two-number form, such as 21/6.

Which company’s stapler is the best for office use?

Many companies manufacture high-quality electric staplers. You can look into our list to find a suitable one for your office.

How much are the Electric Staplers?

The electric staplers are available in a variety of price ranges starting from $10 to $600. You can choose any paper stapler in this range depending on your budget and the sorts of work you need to do.

Final Words 

Whether you are looking for a first-rate electric stapler or a cost-effective one, plenty of options are available in the market. Now that you have the list of the 5 best electric staplers for office use in 2023, get yourself one as per your requirements.

We have also included a Buyer’s Guide and FAQ section, where you will find almost all the answers to your queries.

Let us know which one is your favorite on this list.

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