The brand Swingline produces an extensive variety of staplers with different sizes and functions. Heavy-duty, smart-touch, and chrome staplers are of three basic types. Among them, Swingline heavy-duty staplers can staple up to 100+ sheets easily. The sturdy all-metal construction makes them long-lasting and a vital office tool. 

Most people may find it a bit tricky to load Swingling heavy-duty staplers. Because the refilling procedure is quite different from other staplers of Swingline.

First, you need to press at the back of the stapler to remove the follow-block. The follow-block holds the staples within the stapler by its spring-loaded mechanism.

Now refill the right size staples in the staple refill tray. Slide the follow-block back in the Swingline heavy-duty stapler and lock it with the holding hooks.

It is as simple as that!

How to Load Staples in Swingline Heavy-duty Stapler?

The Basics of a Swingline Heavy-duty Stapler

Loading a Swingline heavy-duty stapler will not be an issue anymore if you know the basics of it. You need to properly go through its user manual to make the most of it. It will solve so many other issues as well. But who has the time for it? — We have got you covered.

How to Load Staples in Swingline Heavy-duty Stapler

1. How to Open a Swingline Heavy-duty Stapler

All the Swingline Staplers can be opened almost in the same manner, though they are of distinct varieties. No matter how problematic it seems to open a heavy-duty stapler of Swingline, you can learn it effortlessly. The steps are as follows:

  • Press the Follow-block to Loosen it: You need to place the stapler on a table or any flat surface. Then firmly push the follow-block in to release it and leave the jaws wide-open.

The follow-block looks like a black triangle sticking to the stapler’s backside. If you do not find it, it should most probably be attached to the stapler’s front side between the jaws. Just look for a small metal latch sticking to it.

  • Raise and Slide the Follow-block Away: Drag the follow-block upwards and release the hooks that hold the staples in place. Pull the follow-block towards you while holding it in this position. You will see the staple tray.
  • Lock the Follow-block Back in Its Place: Now, if you need to refill the staples, place them legs-down on the tray’s front end. If you need not, simply push this tray back into this heavy-duty stapler. It is supposed to be locked immediately. If not, reinsert the follow-block again to lock it appropriately.

2. How to Fix Jam in Swingline Heavy-duty Stapler

The heavy-duty staplers from Swingline are quite comfortable and user-friendly. Still, they may get clogged fairly often if you deal with heavy stapling works on a daily basis.

Getting rid of a jammed staple is quite an easy task. But it may get a bit difficult with some specific sizes of heavy-duty staples.

The Swingline Heavy-duty Staplers have up to half-inch long staples. For this sort of heavy-duty stapler, you need to use needle-nose pliers instead of tweezers which work best in small staplers.

First, hold the handle of the Swingline heavy-duty stapler. Place the flat-head screwdriver on the slit (where the heavy-duty staples come out from) and try to open the staple release head. This is where the heavy-duty staples usually get jammed.

Second, pull out all the good staples and set them aside. Now, grip the jammed staple with the needle-nose pliers and gently pull it out.

Finally, place the solid clip of the remaining staples back into the staple chamber. Remember, small chunks of staple clips can be unaligned at any time and cause a jam to your stapler. Hence, do not put them back into the staple refill tray.

3. How to Avoid Jam in Swingline Heavy-duty Stapler

Every stapler gets jammed sooner or later no matter if it is a high-end stapler or a low-priced one. If you hold the stapler inappropriately in a hurry, the staples may easily get captured in the staple release hole.

You cannot completely stop the jamming in your stapler, but you can surely reduce the frequency by following some steps. They are as follows:

  • Read the user manual carefully and try to use your heavy-duty stapler as per the manufacturer’s direction.
  • Always put the right size staples into your stapler. You will find the exact size of the staples on the user manual. You may also find it at the bottom of your Swingline heavy-duty stapler, and it is often written as 23/6.
  • Grab the stapler’s handle properly to control it better and avoid misplace stapling.
  • Avoid stapling hurriedly, because it can cause the jam in your Swingline heavy-duty stapler.
  • Be aware of the sheet capacity your stapler can handle and try not to exceed the limit.

4. How to Staple Piles of Paper in Swingline Heavy-duty Staple

Standard or small staplers work just fine for normal use. If you need to deal with tons of stapling work on a regular basis, you do need a heavy-duty stapler. Heavy-duty staplers are specially designed to staple large stacks of papers than standard ones.

Swingline heavy-duty staplers are of high capacity and can staple up to more than 100 pages at one shot. But you can always be on the safe side with this heavy-duty stapler even if your work does not require one. 

This stapler requires heavy-duty staples that are pretty sturdier and longer than other staples. Most of the staplers come with a box of staples. In case of buying them again, you can easily find heavy-duty staples at any office supply store. 

Do not forget to check the packaging as it should clearly mention “Heavy-duty”.

Now, load the Swingline heavy-duty staplers with the right size heavy-duty staples. Use a sturdy plain surface to evenly line up the edges of the sheets. Put this paper stack in your stapler and place the stapler’s head on the spot where you want to staple the papers.

Press on your Swingline stapler’s handle till the entire stack of papers gets attached.

Tips: Different Swingline Heavy-duty Staplers have different sheet capacities. Check all the details on the packaging before purchasing so that it fits your needs.

Swingline Chrome Stapler Vs Swingline SmartTouch Stapler Vs Swingline Heavy-duty Stapler:

A Comparison Table

As we have already mentioned that Swingline manufactures three basic types of staplers. You may wonder what are the core differences between them. 

To provide you with an idea, we have tried to show a comparison table below.

It will help you increase productivity with the right stapler that will get your job done!

TypesSwingline Chrome StaplerSwingline SmartTouch StaplerSwingline Heavy-duty Stapler
Sheet Capacity2525100+
Metal ContractionYesYesYes
Less EffortNoYesNo
Notable Feature100% Performance GuaranteeQuick Front Stapling ReloadingFront-end Jam Clearing Mechanism

Swingline Chrome Stapler

Swingling Chrome Staplers are reliable for small stapling tasks. The metal construction makes them highly durable while increasing endless stapling integrity. With the jam resistance inner rail, the Swingline Desktop Staplers can staple up to 25-sheet together.

Swingline also provides a 100% performance guarantee with a limited lifetime warranty. These sophisticated staplers with polished chrome shine will definitely complement your desk.

Swingline SmartTouch Stapler

Swingline SmartTouch Desktop Stapler are ergonomically designed to make your stapling work effortless. They can easily staple up to 25-sheets at once with less effort than the other two types. 

The SmartTouch staplers feature noise-free operation, QuickLoad stapling refilling, and sturdy metal construction. With a 1-year warranty, these stylish sleek design staplers from Swingline can be a good pick for day-to-day stapling works.

Swingline Heavy-duty Stapler

Swingline Heavy-duty Staplers are able to staple a stack of 100+ papers at a time. Made with metal construction, these robust staplers ensure long-running performance.

Their built-in jam cleaning mechanism makes them easy to use with precise stapling. With a limited lifetime warranty, a Swingline Heavy-duty Stapler can be a perfect choice for an everyday large number of stapling works.

Best 2 Swingline Heavy-duty Staplers in 2022

For school projects or official documents, you need to have a heavy-duty stapler that will make your stapling work a hassle-free task. But we are often reluctant to think about the quality while buying this crucial stationery item. Then, it keeps serving us with endless troubles.

So, the wise decision is to always go for a high-quality heavy-duty stapler.

In case you are planning to purchase a stapler for serious stapling work, we want to recommend you the best 2 Swingline Heavy-duty Staplers in 2022.

1. Swingline Heavy Duty Office Desk Stapler— 160 Sheets Capacity

This heavy-duty stapler from Swingline is best overall with its 160-sheet capacity. It has front-end a jam clearing mechanism for smooth stapling without any disruptions. With all-metal construction, you can use this heavy-duty stapler in your fast-paced office

You can use this stapler with different leg-length staples such as 1/2, 1/4, 3/4, 3/8, or 5/8inch depending on how many sheets need to be stapled.  

The built-in precision alignment guide ensures accurate staple placement while 2 to 5/8 inch depth throat increases flexibility. The Black&Grey combination makes it look really professional and appealing and can be an ideal choice for any school or office.

So, this Swingline Heavy-duty Stapler has all the features that make it perfect for high-volume stapling tasks.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Robust All-metal Construction
  • 160-sheet High Capacity
  • Adjustable Leg-length Staples
  • Built-in Jam Clearing Mechanism
  • Accurate Staple Placement Flexibility
  • Designed to Handle All-day-long Stapling Works


  • It does not have any such negative features.

2. Swingline Heavy-duty Stapler— 60 Sheets Capacity

This heavy-duty desktop stapler from Swingline can handle the pressure of any fast-paced office. Its high-tech mechanism construction makes it highly durable and it has up to 60-sheet capacity.

This fast stapling device comes with 500 staples so that you do not have to worry about refilling quite often.

With this outstanding stapler, you can operate the stapling task with 30% less effort than other standard staplers.

And you know what is really amazing about this Swingline stapler? You will get a branded heavy-duty stapler at a budget-friendly price and you do not have to compromise the quality.

Finally, we highly recommend this sleek black Swingline heavy-duty stapler for any mid-level stapling work.


  • Inexpensive, yet ensures high-quality performance
  • Strong Metal Construction
  • 60 Sheets Capacity
  • Sleek Black Design
  • Easy Refill with Top Loading Feature
  • Comes with a box of 500 High-capacity Staples


  • You have to be careful while choosing the right size staples for the best stapling performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which is the best heavy-duty stapler for long-term use?

A. It is quite challenging to name the best heavy-duty stapler as it is a subjective choice. It depends on certain features that people consider best for themselves as per their needs and budget.

However, if you want to buy the overall best quality heavy-duty stapler, we highly recommend you Swingline Heavy-duty Stapler— 160-sheet Capacity. Considering all the qualities and user experience, it is extensively preferred by its mass users.

Q. Which is the best budget-friendly heavy-duty stapler?

A. Investing in a good-quality product will always provide you with high performance. If you are looking for an inexpensive heavy-duty stapler without compromising its quality, we want to recommend you Swingline Heavy-duty Stapler— 60-sheet Capacity.

This ergonomic heavy-duty stapler comes at a surprisingly low price while having all the outstanding factors.

Q. What sizes staples do Swingling Heavy-duty Staplers use?

A. Swingline Heavy-duty Stapler is available with different sheet capacities which is up to 160. You can use adjustable leg-length heavy-duty staples of different sizes such as 1/2″, 1/4″, 3/4″, 3/8″, and 5/8″.

The larger the size of the staples are the more sheet capacity they have, and the same goes for the smaller size staples.

Remember, always use the right size staples to avoid jamming or unnecessary trouble.

Bottom Line

Now that you know about all the key points of how to load staples in Swingline heavy-duty stapler, we hope it will help you solve this issue.

We have also discussed some other important points and recommended the best 2 Swingline heavy-duty staplers in 2022. We hope that it will help you pick the right one if you are still thinking about which heavy-duty stapler to buy.

Let us know in the comment if you have any suggestions.

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