Having a high-quality manual stapler is so crucial, which will not break or jam at the worst possible working time. Hence, you need to research before buying any stapler that is more functional and efficient. And most importantly, it will provide you with a worry-free stapling experience. 

Choosing the best-quality manual stapler is not an easy task as there are so many options available. To help you out, we have researched and sampled the 7 best manual staplers for office use in 2022. They all are of robust construction, user-friendly, and have different stapling capacities. Keep on reading to find out the detailed reviews!

Best Manual Stapler for Office Use

top Picks: 7 Best Manual Stapler for Office Use

If you’re in a hurry, check out our top picks for the best manual stapler for office use below. We’ve put together this list by researching and testing many different products, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible option.

Bostitch Xtreme-Duty Automatic Stapler—180 Sheets
  • High-end Automatic Stapler
  • 180-sheets Capacity with ONE Staple Size
  • Automatically Trim Staples to Fit the Size of the Paper Stack
  • Anti-jam Technology
  • Weight—  5 Pounds
Swingline Heavy-Duty Stapler—160 Sheets
  • 160-sheet High-capacity Stapler
  • Durable All-metal Construction 
  • Front-end Jam Clearing Mechanism 
  • Adjustable Leg-length Staples
  • Weight— 1 Pound
Mr. Pen- Heavy-Duty Stapler—100 Sheets
  • Study All-metal Construction
  • 100 Sheets Capacity (20lb Paper)
  • High Strength Springs Ensures Minimal Effort
  • Inexpensive
  • Weight— 2.05 Pounds
Bostitch B8 Xtreme-Duty—45 Sheet Plier Stapler
  • High-tech Durable Construction
  • 2–45 Sheets Capacity 
  •  Easy Squeeze Lever Action for Minimal Effort
  • No-Jam Feature
  • Weight— ‎0.96 Ounces
Swingline Half-Strip Desktop Stapler— 40 Sheets
  • Compact Design with Portability 
  • 40-Sheets Capacity 
  • A Low-staple Indicator Light 
  • Noise-free Feature
  • Weight— ‎7.2 Ounces
Swingline 747 Classic Desktop Stapler—20 Sheets
  • Multi-functional Design
  • Built-in All-metal Construction
  • 20-sheet Capacity
  • 100% Performance Guarantee
  • Weight— ‎13.1 Ounces
Amazon Basics Stapler—10 Sheets
  • Multi-purpose Design for Stapling, Tacking, & Pinning
  • 10-sheet Capacity 
  • Convenient Rubber Staple Remover
  • Lightweight 
  • Weight— ‎5.4 Ounces

1. Bostitch Xtreme-Duty Automatic Stapler—180 Sheets

Want to know about the highest capacity manual stapler?— Meet the King!

Bostitch itself is a reliable brand and is famous for manufacturing high-end staplers. The Bostitch Xtreme-Duty Automatic Stapler comes with the highest 180 sheets capacity and that too with just ONE staple size.

Do you know what is really amazing?— This stapler can automatically trim the staples for a customized fit with the height of the paper stack. So, you do not need to insert different size staples for different numbers of sheets.

Made with metal composite, this stapler also has the anti-jam feature to provide you with optimal comfort.

To ensure extra reinforcement, this stapler has a full rubber-base pad so that you can be hassle-free while handling extreme duty stapling jobs.

If you want to invest in a premium quality automatic stapler, this Bostitch stapler can be a perfect fit for your office. Its professional finish and satisfactory service will surely blow your mind.


  • Premium Quality Automatic Stapler
  • Highly Durable Metal Composite Construction 
  • Capacity to Staple up to 180 Sheets
  • A Full Rubber Base Pad Ensures Stability 
  • Jam Clearing Feature for Smooth Stapling
  • Automatic Staple Trimmer Ensures Custom Fit with Height of the Paper Stack
  • Built-in Flat Clinch System Provides Neater Stacking


  • A Bit High-priced

2. Swingline Heavy-Duty Stapler—160 Sheets

This heavy-duty manual stapler from Swingline is the best-overall on our list. Swingline is a renowned brand and its amazing staplers are preferred by mass users. With its 160 sheets capacity, you can easily staple a large stack of sheets.

This premium quality manual stapler has robust all-metal construction for long-term service. Its built-in staple alignment guide ensures accurate stapling in the right place.

Also, you have the flexibility to use this manual stapler with different adjustable throat-depth staples, such as ¼, ½, ⅜, ¾, or ⅝ inches. Now, you can decide how many papers you want to staple.

Finally, this Black & Grey combo looks really professional, and the anti-jam mechanism makes it a perfect pick for everyday heavy stapling in a fast-paced workplace.


  • Sturdy All-metal Construction 
  • No-Jam Technology for Smooth Stapling Experience 
  • Staples up to 160 Sheets at a time
  • Adjustable Leg-length Staples Ensures Maximum Flexibility
  • Built-in Precision Guide Provides Perfect Staple Placement 
  • Designed to Perform Heavy Stapling Jobs


  • This heavy-duty manual stapler does not have any major cons, except the stapler’s instructions can be a bit more clear.

3. Mr. Pen Heavy-Duty Stapler—100 Sheets

The third option on our list is from another renowned brand, Mr. Pen. Once you have this massive heavy-duty stapler, you will realize what a gem it is.

With its 100 sheets capacity, this manual stapler is specially designed to staple large stacks of paper. Its high-strength springs can easily staple large numbers of sheets with just a slight force.

Also, the staple loading process is quite hassle-free. Just pull the metal cover out and refill another strip of staples— EASY!

This stapler works equally well with different types of metal clips such as ½, ¼, ⅜, or 5/16 inches. Including a box full of 1000 staples, the company guarantees satisfactory performance with a lifetime warranty. 

Made with sturdy metal, this stapler is perfect for office desks rather than being used as a portable device.


  • Robust Metal Construction Makes It Durable 
  • Staples up to 100 Sheets (20lb Paper)
  • High Strength Springs Allows You Staple with Slight Force 
  • Comes with a Box of 1000 Staples
  • Affordable Price
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Compatible with Only Heavy-duty Staples

4. Bostitch B8 Xtreme-Duty—45 Sheets Plier Stapler

Next, we have the Bostitch B8 Xtreme Office Stapler that will not quit even after long-term use. This manual plier stapler proffers you Bostitch’s legendary B8 performance. 

This multifaceted stapler can staple up to either 45-sheets of paper or light cardboard or fiberboard. So, you can use this multi-purpose manual stapler for administrative duties, retail, mailrooms, or packaging operations.

Made with metal and composite construction, this stapler provides precision stapling for a lifetime. It also features an easy squeeze lever action for powerful penetration with less effort.

Plus, its soft comfortable grip is perfect for repetitive use without fatigue or hand cramps.

All in all, this heavy-duty manual stapler from Bostitch can be a perfect pick for office use with all the mind-blowing features.


  • Ergonomically Designed
  • High-tech Metal and Composite Construction for Durability
  • 45-Sheets Capacity 
  • Easy Squeeze Lever Action for Less Effort
  • Jam-free Smooth Operation 
  • Soft Rubber Handle for Comfortable Stapling 
  • Removal Pusher System for Easy Refilling


  • A Seven-Year Limited Warranty 

5. Swingline Half-Strip Desktop Stapler— 40 Sheets

If you are looking for a portable yet premium manual stapler, then this Swingline Optima Half-strip Stapler is a perfect pick for you.

Its sturdy plastic housing safeguards the metal stapling mechanism that ensures long-term reliable performance. 

With its compact design, this strong stapler can hold a half-strip of 105 staples. It also has a low-staple indicator that blinks to let you know when to refill.

The subtle Gray and Black coloring with an Orange accent create a compelling pop of color. This Optima stapler has 40 sheets capacity and works really well with Swingline Optima Premium Staples. Also, It requires minimal force than the traditional ones.

Made with metal construction, this durable manual stapler is totally jam-fee. Thanks to its spring-loaded easy refilling features, all you need to do is to pull up the spring-loaded lid, then insert a new strip of staples.


  • Compact Design Allows Portability 
  • Robust Metal Construction 
  • Capacity to Staple up to 40-sheets
  • Spring-Loaded Feature Ensures Easy Refilling
  • Strong Plastic Housing Guards Metal Stapling Mechanism 
  • Noise-free Operation 
  • Anti-jam Technology
  • A Low-staple Indicator Tells You When to Refill
  • Requires Minimal Effort than Traditional Staplers


  • This tool is a bit pricer than other average staplers. But if you want an overall good stapler for day-to-day office work, it’s completely worth it!

6. Swingline 747 Classic Desktop Stapler—20 Sheets

As Swingline manufactures different staplers with different outstanding features, the next stapler in our list is also from Swingline. 

The Swingline Classic 747 Stapler is extremely durable and sturdy with its all-metal construction. With its industry average 20 sheets capacity, this stapler can hold a full strip of 210 staples. It works best with the Swingline S.F.4 Premium Staples.

Also, it has a built-in specialized inner rail that provides jam-free stapling. 

Though it is designed for desktop use, you can also use it either for pinning or tacking. You can easily tack papers onto any vertical surface— Just press the release at the bottom and open it by 180-degree. You are ready to TACK!

Plus, the brand Swingline is so confident about their products that they proffer a 100% performance guarantee with a limited lifetime warranty.

If you are someone who is really clumsy, go for this one. You will not regret it!


  • Ergonomic Multi-purpose Design
  • Built-in All-metal Construction Ensures Durability 
  • Industry Average 20-Sheet Capacity  
  • Specialized Inner Rail Provide a Jam-resistant Stapling 
  • Perfect for Stapling, Tacking and Pinning
  • 100% Performance Guarantee
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • If you need more than a 20-sheet capacity stapler, CHECK out other options in this list.

7. Amazon Basics Stapler—10 Sheets

If you are looking for a basic manual stapler for light stapling works, you cannot get better than this Amazon Basic Stapler. 

This lightweight stapler has a 10-sheet capacity and can hold up to 200 staples. You can completely open this multi-purpose stapler to either tack info to the bulletin board or pin documents by reversing its anvil.

It has a full rubber base so that it will not slip around on the desk— Hence, no slipping or skidding! 

The Matte Black Finish makes it look really classy and professional. Including a convenient staple remover, this basic stapler can be a perfect choice for any shared workplace.


  • Classy Matte Black Finish
  • Multi-functional Design to Staple, Tack, or Pin
  • 10-sheet Capacity 
  • Holds up to 200 Staples
  • A Full Rubber Base Keeps It in Place
  • Includes a Convenient Rubber Staple Remover
  • Lightweight 
  • Portable 
  • Perfect for Shared Workplace


  • Only 10-sheet Capacity  

Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Manual Stapler 

Buyer’s guide?— You may wonder why you need a buyer’s guide before purchasing a manual stapler!

Well, this may not be the most complicated purchase, but considering some factors will definitely help you buy a perfect tool for your office desk!

1. Sheet Capacity

The first thing anyone asks before buying a manual stapler is about its sheet capacity. This is the number one requirement for most people. On the high end, a high-quality manual stapler can staple up to 180 sheets, whereas a basic manual stapler can staple up to 10 sheets. But if you need something in between, you can go for a standard stapler with 40—60 Sheet Capacity.

Whatever is your required sheet capacity (2—180), you will find every option available in the market. Make sure to CHECK everything on the packaging. 

2. Material

The next thing you need to consider is the material of a manual stapler. Most staplers nowadays come with a built-in metal mechanism and plastic cover. Some companies add rubber for a comfortable grip. But if you need something more durable, all-metal construction manual staplers are long-lasting.

Some staplers also have a rubber base so that they will not slide over and ensure stability. Even if the stapler is made of metal, make sure it is not flimsy. A filmy product is not reliable for long-term use.

3. Durability 

No matter what material you choose for a manual stapler, it will not guarantee you 100% durability. So many manufacturers offer instant replacement or refunds. Some of them even offer a Lifetime Warranty. Hence, pick your product from a renowned brand with a good warranty on it.

4. Types of Staples

It is one of the crucial things to consider because different manual staplers use different types of staples. Some staplers work best with heavy-duty staples, whereas others may work with a particular size staple. 

Some manual staplers use different size staples for different sheet capacities, while others may have only ONE size staple for different sheet capacities. One such stapler is Bostitch Xtreme-Duty Automatic Stapler—180 Sheets.

5. Jam Clearing Mechanism

As you are looking for a manual stapler for office use, this means you will need to deal with stapling works on a regular basis. Off late, most manual staplers are specially designed to provide you with a jam-free smooth operation. However, it is better to look for this feature before purchasing.

6. Anti-microbial Feature 

If you use a manual stapler in a shared workplace, it will surely get in touch with a whole lot of germs. And this can lead to serious health issues. So, make sure your device comes with an Anti-microbial coating.

7. Design & Aesthetics

Some people are meticulously picky with things. If you are one of them, then your stapler’s design will matter a lot to you. Manual staplers are available in different sleek designs and colors. Take your time to find out which one will complement your office desk.

After all, your possessions tell a lot about you!

How to Unjam a Manual Stapler

When you are stapling papers for an important office meeting or assignment, it can be really frustrating to experience a sudden stapler jam. You should not invest more than a couple of minutes to resolve this issue. You can try any sharp object such as needle-nose pliers to remove the jammed staple from any manual stapler.

Let’s Learn How!

1. Place an Object between The Stapler and Its Base

Sometimes a staple may go through the enclosure at the wrong angle. You just need to remove it without opening the stapler. Stick something like a pen or pencil between the metal part holding the staples and the stapler base. Then gently push down as you are stapling papers. This may throw out the jammed staple.

Sometimes, just holding the metal enclosure away from the stapler’s base does the job. Keep your fingers away while doing it.

If still the staple does not come out— it is time to try manually!

2. Open the Top Enclosure of the Stapler and Remove the Excess Staples

Manual staplers mostly open from the top. Pull the top enclosure up just like when you load staples in it and keep aside all the excess staples from the staple tray. If you load your stapler from the back, pull out the staple refill tray and keep it aside.

This is also the appropriate time to check if you are using the right size staples. If your office has staplers from different brands, you need to use different size staples for them. Hence, there are high chances people may accidentally refill them with the wrong size staples.

3. Pull the Refill Tray Away for Better Access

If you can see the jammed staple, you do not have to do this. But if you cannot, pulling the staple tray up will provide you more access. Most manual staplers have the feature to pull out the staple tray from the base.

Now is the best time to clean off all the dust from your stapler. Use a soft towel to wipe or blow away all the dust with a can of compressed air. Do not use water, as it may cause rust in your stapler.

4. Use a Nose-needle Pliers or Sharp Object to Remove the Jammed Staple

To finally remove the jammed staple, you can use tweezers, flathead screwdriver, scissors, or nose-needle pliers. Push the jammed staple upward to loosen it. You can also grip this staple from the top and pull it out.

Do not push the staple using your fingers, you may hurt yourself. If the staple breaks while doing so, make sure you remove all the pieces to prevent future problems.

So, you can follow these easy steps to fix a jammed manual stapler!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best manual stapler for office use?

It is totally subjective as per one’s needs and requirements. However, our top-two choices are Bostitch Xtreme-Duty Automatic Stapler—180 Sheets and Swingline Heavy-Duty Stapler—160 Sheet Capacity. You can check out any of them.


How many sheets can a manual stapler staple?

Manual staplers can staple 2—180 sheets depending on their capacity. You can find one from so many options available in the market.

What size staple do I need for a manual stapler?

Pretty easy! Check at the bottom of your manual stapler. You will find what size staple it uses. Most of the time, the size is written in the metric, a two-number form, such as 3/8, 5/16 inches, etc.

What is the best portable manual stapler?

If you are looking for an easily portable manual stapler, we have three great options for you. The first option is Bostitch B8 Xtreme-Duty—45 Sheets Plier Stapler (0.96 ounces).

The second option is Amazon Basics Stapler—10 Sheets Capacity (5.4 ounces). 

Finally, we have Swingline Half-Strip Desktop Stapler—40 Sheets Capacity (7.2 ounces).

You can easily move these staplers from one desk to another which will increase productivity in any office.

Bottom Line

In this article, we have presented the best 7 manual staplers for office use in 2022, keeping in mind their design, sturdiness, sheet capacity, and affordability. Now, all you have to do is simply choose which one is a perfect fit for your office.

Also, we have added a Buyer’s Guide and FAQ section to help you out with all your queries. 

Do not forget to check out our ‘‘How to Unjam a Manual Stapler’’ section. You will have to deal with a jammed stapler once in a while, even if you have a high-end manual stapler.

Let us know which manual stapler is your favorite in this list!

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