If you’re a tall person with back pain, you know how important it is to find an office chair that gives you the support you need. Otherwise, you could be in for some serious health and productivity problems.

In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the best office chairs on the market, perfect for tall people who suffer from back pain. We’ll also provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right chair for your needs.

best office chair for tall person with back pain

top Picks: Top 5 Office Chairs For Tall Person With Back Pain

If you are in a hurry and are looking for the best office chair for tall person with back pain, then check out our top picks below. We have researched and tested many chairs and have come up with the best ones for you.

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Soft cushion seat with sturdy headrest
  • Offers maximum comfort
  • Adjustable lumbar support
XUER Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Lumbar Support
  • Adjustable Arms
  • Adjustable Ergonomics Seat
HON Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair
  • The breathable mesh back
  • The adjustability on the lumbar support
  • The weight allowance on the base
OFM ESS Collection Racing Style High Back Office Chair
  • Center-tilt mechanism helps attain a comfortable reclining position
  • Padded headrest and arms provide support
  • Premium thread stitched pattern for durability
AmazonBasics big and tall office chair
  • Very elegant to look at.
  • You can expect to get good lumbar support with this one.
  • It is a reasonably priced executive chair.

1. Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

The Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair might be a bit costly compared to most office chairs. It has a 90-day cash back guarantee, adjustable back support and an attached headrest. These are the features that make it totally worthwhile.


In our opinion, the adjustable lumbar support is perhaps the only cause that you will have to pay above $300 for it. The lumbar support on this chair permits you to identify the exact location on your back. Where you would do with just a slight more adjusting. So that your spine remains in the comfiest position for you to work.

Ease of Assembly

This best chair for a tall person is pre-assemble. You could easily assemble the office chair. It comes with full manual guidelines. Just follow the simple directions and assemble the chair.

It has images that would make the assembling easier. There are keys by which you tighten up the screws.

Adjustable Settings

The Duramont Ergonomic chair features an array of adjustable functions that make it a greater investment. Though, out of all the adjustable features, the one thing that stands out is the adjustable lumbar support.

The perfect knob-based adjustable lumbar support makes it a greater option in the market. Particularly owing to how easy it is to operate the chair till you are comfy. This provides the users full control over the chair’s maneuver, confirming that you could adjust it as per your requirements without any trouble.


  • Amusing tall mesh back panel with combined headrest for extra head/neck support
  •  Generally, a comfortable plus fashionable chair with vital adjustability options
  •  Includes an exclusive lumbar adjustment knob for controlled support
  •  Smooth-rolling casters that would work on maximum surfaces


  • None

The Duramont ergonomic adjustable office chair is flawless if you are in search of comfort. Particularly those people who have a long-hour working week. It has 4 diverse height adjustment ranges. The roller-blade moves smoothly. The breathable mesh back supports provide relief in back pain. Owing to full-height back support Taller people are happy with office chairs. The best tall office chairs are not suggested for short-height individuals.

2. XUER Ergonomic Office Chair

Another more rational office chair on our list is the Xuer ergonomic office chair. This alternative has adjustable lumbar support and armrests to keep you working without evolving back pain. It’s both way less costly and a lot fancier than several of the options

High back and mesh seat

It is great for relaxing, plus the adjustable headrest meets everybody’s requirements. The chair’s lumbar support is adjustable to confirm the spine and pelvis are correctly supported. We like the 3D PU leather armrests which have a three-way tuning.

Superior adjustability

The mesh seems to be high-grade and provides great breathability. If you live in warmer weather this is a great means to beat the heat. The chair is furnished with nylon casters that would run on carpeting, hard floors, plus the rest, without leaving scrapes.

How steady is it?

The black chassis is finished of mechanical-grade steel. With a three-stage gas lift made of steel, you get 65mm, which is a slight shy of three inches, of lift.


  • Supported by a 3-year warranty.
  •  adjustable and Comfortable armrest.
  •  Extremely adjustable.
  •  Great lumbar support for the hips plus pelvis.


  •  The seat is somewhat firm.

You also get a three-year guarantee with this mesh chair from Xuer. It is a great alternative for those with back pain. We would even consider it one of the best ergonomic office chairs for the money.

3. HON Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair

The standout feature of this tall and big office chair from HON is the breathable mesh back. It is great for stopping getting sweaty in a hot office. Also, this mesh back stretches to decrease pressure points.

But there is another stand out feature besides. This big and tall chair, for all intentions and purposes, looks accurately like any standard regular black office chair. The benefit to this is that the user does not feel single out as requiring a special chair just for them. so it is great for the colleague who is shy about their weight.


One of the foremost reasons why you want this chair in your office is the point that the seat cushion is very dense, which makes the seat very comfy. Some individuals find it much comfier than mesh


because of its 5 pointed star feet, it has a heavyweight metal base. It is very steady and supportive, which aids to ensure that the chair is never in risk of tipping over.

Ergonomic Support

The HON Sadie High-Back Office Chair offers numerous ergonomic features. The 360-degree swivel, united with height adjustment are all significant features of this chair.

The seat itself features a waterfall edge, which will not dig into his thighs just in front of your knees the way inexpensive chairs do.

The asynchronous control permits you to adjust and lock the tilt function also. You can even adjust the angle of the back comparative to your seat. All of this is done with three levers under the chair.

Durable Design

The HON High-Back Office is made to last. The 250-pound weight limit and the tailored stitching is meant to deliver a chair that would stand the test of time.

Moreover, HON is so poised in this chair that they deliver a full 3-year guarantee.


  • Breathable mesh back
  • The seat back stretches
  •  Could take up to 400 pounds (181.44 kg)
  • Fully adjustable seat height
  • Full 3-year warranty
  • Has a heavy-duty metal base
  • 360-degree swivel capacity
  •  Smooth running castors


  • Not as easy to clean as bonded leather

The HON Sadie High-Back Office Chair has a smart design and elementary features to meet the requirements of a modern office. It doesn’t go above and beyond; however, it does get the job done. It is a good fit for an office refresh, given the budget price point.

4. OFM ESS Collection Racing Style SofThread Leather High Back Office Chair

The OFM ergonomic office chair objects to offer superior luxury and comfort even during long, stressful work hours. The chair has a superior heat pressed diamond pattern. it delivers stylish detail and additional support. The chair has segmented ultra-plush stuffing. And it is shielded in breathable Soft thread leather.


Back support is a very significant element of any office chair. And the OFM essential’s SoftThread office chair makes certain that users get sufficient features of it. It keeps them nice and comfy as they carry on with their work. The chair has well segmented ultra-plush padding, with an emphasis on lumbar support for the lower back area to permit for all-day comfort. You also should not expect to start feeling any form of back pain because of its ergonomic build.


The core of the ergonomic support here is the segmented padding, active in the seat, in the back, plus the arms. It manages to strike an accurate balance while being soft. But not too much so that you do not lose the accurate posture of your body.

The lumbar cushion support and The padded headrest built in the chair feel truly comfy. but we still wish that at least an additional pillow was included for those who might want it. That is what subtracted a few points for the coziness grade of this chair.

The new and improved flip-up arms could be lifted while you want to use the chair without them. The office chair height for tall person together with the recline angle is completely adjustable, as well.

It can save your back from the pain.


This OFM office chair delivers options that permit for height adjustment, seat reclining as well as tilt locking. Nonetheless, the chair sports a decent 250 lb weight capacity, also has a seat height that could be adjusted inside the range of about 5 inches.


SoftLeather is a lot more breathable than PU leather. For some individuals, this might still not be sufficient to impress. And in that case, we encourage them to consider getting mesh office chairs.


  •  The chair is contoured for comfort.
  • Has a 360-degree swivel
  • Made using soft thread leather


  • The seat is not perfect for larger people

You don’t need to be concerned about your back and shoulder pains now, as the chair is going to deliver absolute lumbar plus back support to you.

5. AmazonBasics big and tall office chair

The AmazonBasics big and tall office chair is an ergonomic office chair. It looks contemporary and sits comfortably for a rational price. It is not a costly chair if you compare it to some other models in its group. So if you are in search of the best chairs for tall people but you are on a budget, this model is certainly worth considering.

Adjustability and Recline

The adjustability is a bit of a wonder with this comparatively low priced office chair. seat height ranges from 18.75″ to 22.25″ which is a fairly impressive range for the price it convoys. This together with the 135 recline angle, creates this chair a pretty inspiring model. A big bummer are those office chairs that advertise with an appropriate recline that in reality only slightly rock back and forth. With this chair, you are certain to get what it promises. A proper recline that lets you hang back in your chair similar to a villain with a cat.

Padded Back and Seat

The chair has contoured cushions for both seat and back which add support plus comfort. The chair has black padding on its armrests, which is continually a nice touch. This makes the chair look more cheap than it really is. Padding is moreover a big comfort factor. Some of the ergonomic chairs that we observed are skimped while it comes to padding. While healthy for you, they fail to supply one of the key mechanisms needed: comfort. Most people are in their chairs for over eight hours a day. That is a lot of time if you are not truly comfortable.

Quality of Material

The chair has a high-grade leather exterior. It has a proficient look that is flawlessly suited to professional office atmospheres. Furthermore, it also features the chair’s durability. Making it a worthwhile longstanding investment.

The chair has been constructed keeping complete body support it mind. It features cushioned armrests, ergonomic back padding, and a spacious padded seat cushion. All this confirms that you can feel comfortable and at ease while working in the office-, particularly for long hours. It also makes certain that your body would not have to deal with back pain or any rigidity.


The chair has a firm 5-point base with a 360-degree spin and hooded caster wheels. it allows you to roll plus pivot across the office. This is appropriate for an office atmosphere as multitasking is frequently required.

You might need to interact with numerous people, perform many different jobs, or simply keep an eye on a number of diverse tasks at the same time. The chair has a larger seat than most customary office chairs do. It provides you unrestricted liberty of movement as well.


  • 360-degree swivel caster wheels
  •  Durable and sturdy
  •  Infinite tilt mechanism
  •  Large and well-padded plus curved armrests
  •  Easy to assemble
  •  Has an S-shaped backrest as well as adjustable lumbar support


  •  The bonded leather material could be too hot
  •  Some discover the seat too firm

The Amazon big and tall office chair is an appropriate chair. It sits comfortably sufficient for an average office day and looks good in almost every office interior. It has okay weight support that fits the requirements of most people.

The adjustability is amazingly good and lives up to its expectations. It has reasonable breathability which would at least partially prevent the sweating of a leather chair. The lumbar support is brilliant. And, because of its adjustability, works fine together with the ergonomic features of the rest of the chair.

Buying Guide

Deciding on the five very best office chair for tall thin person and big people was no easy task. We invested uncountable hours of study trying out and testing no less than 20 of the best-selling chairs appropriate for 6ft+ users. Then we could determine those in case all the support and comfort people need while working in an office chair for long periods.

To do that, we scored each chair on how they fared in terms of adjustable features, size, overall, comfort, plus durability.

Here is why all of these elements were so significant to us, and how they might affect your decision while it comes to choosing a new office chair of your own.

Ergonomic Features

This is the most essential tip out there. Not only tall people but also people who have desk jobs need to buy office chairs with cool adjustable ergonomic features. As most people spend more than 6 hours on regular sitting per day.

Adjustable ergonomic features could help you to lessen back pain. So we have given more importance on ergonomic features however listing the above chairs for you.


Office chair stability is of great prominence. If you purchase an office chair, you have to check if that chair is well stable and robust. If the chair is stable enough, your sitting experience would be good.

Instead, a reasonably stable or unstable chair could hamper your sitting experience. And you will not be capable of sitting for long hours in such a chair.


If you are going to purchase a humanscale chair for tall person, then it needs to be big sufficient to accommodate them. But there’s more to this than simply purchasing the largest chair possible.

The two main things to look out for are seat height and seat depth, mainly in terms of how adjustable they are. After all, while a chair might technically be big sufficient to support you if you are 6’2″, 6’3” or taller. There is no guarantee that’s essentially going to deliver a snug, comfortable level of support right out of the box.

Being capable of adjusting both features, however, will confirm you can sit properly in a way that makes you feel comfortable there and then. It also minimizes the kind of pressure and awkward posture that could result in longstanding health issues.


Seat height and depth adjustability is significant, but they are not the only adjustable features that we looked for. It has Adjustable backrests, armrests, and headrests that help you to modify the chair to the comfortable seating position.

Those chairs have greater levels of adjustability. For example, a greater degree of incline on the backrest plus four-directional armrests v three-directional, scored higher in our lists.


If you are going to spend any noteworthy amount of time in your office chair, then comfort unconditionally matters. With that in mind, we provided high marks to chairs with breathable mesh designs as these could provide soft, comfortable seating. And promote airflow to keep you cool.

Instead, chairs with thick, molded-foam seats for those who desire a plush seat were also incorporated in our guide.

360 Degree swivel

This feature is very common and significant in office chairs nowadays. The 360-degree swivel option permits you to revolve around and pick up nearby things easily without getting up from your chair. Having this feature could be very interesting plus helpful for people with desk jobs who use long hours sitting at the desk. Thus, look for this feature while buying an office chair.


Whether you are purchasing a simple task chair or a high-end gaming chair, durability always matters before it comes to buying new seating. If you are spending a rational amount of money, then it is only natural that you will want that chair to be built to last for years to come.

That said, this factor is even more significant for taller users. Many need the extra assurance that a higher-than-average weight capacity could support them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good seat height for a tall person?

A tall person needs a seat height of 19 inches. while a 6 ft. 3 inches’ tall person needs 20 inches. a 6 ft 8 inches’ tall person needs 22 inches. and a 7 ft. 3 inches’ tall person needs 24 inches in height. The greatest solution is to discover a chair whose maximum height is above 24 inches.

Does chair height affect back pain?

Low chair height upsurges pressure on your lumbar spine, adds tension to your hip flexors. And makes it quite hard to activate your core and glutes. These are the very two muscle groups that decrease back pain and tension!

How do you select the best office chair for a tall person?

At a minimum for any tall person, we recommend a seat width of 16” or more. If you occur to be both tall and big, look for office chairs with 19” plus greater based on your body size. Lastly, the height of the backrest, in general, is not important, unless it has a dedicated headrest.

Do tall people need footrests?

Taller people do not need footrests. The exception to this law can be wherever knee pain is present. And there is a preference to move the knees by regularly moving the feet from floor to footrest.

What chairs do chiropractors commend?

Chiropractors commend kneeling chairs. As they aid your body to maintain its natural curvature of the spin and ease uneasiness in the lower back.

How tall should an office chair be for a tall person?

The seat height of an office chair should be adjustable to accommodate people of different heights. For a tall person, the seat height should be set so that the thighs are parallel to the floor and the feet are flat on the floor.

What are the benefits of an ergonomic office chair?

An ergonomic office chair has many benefits, including:

  • improved posture
  • reduced back pain
  • improved circulation
  • reduced fatigue
  • improved concentration
  • improved breathing

Final Thoughts

We hope the article was helpful to you! If you’re looking for an office chair that will be comfortable for a tall person with back pain, we recommend checking out any of the chairs on our list. They are all designed to provide good support and have features that can help alleviate back pain. Thank you for reading!

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