Even though there are lots of different office chairs on the market, the number of big and heavy office chairs is a bit limited. Of course, there is no magic chair that will be a great fit for everyone. But, we set out on a mission to find the top five best office chair for heavy woman to help you improve your work setup. 

While reviewing the best office chair, we considered the chair’s weight dimensions, capacity, comfort, and style. Dive in if you are in search of a high-grade big and tall office chair.

Best Office Chair for Heavy Women

top Picks: Best Office Chair for Heavy Women

We have made this list of the best office chairs for heavy women by researching and testing many hours by our experts. We saved your time by choosing the top picks from the table below. Choose your desired product quickly and get back to work!

BestMassage High-Back 500lb Office Chair
  • Best for Bigger People
  • Super Easy to Assemble
  • Breathable Padded Seat & Not Prone to Deformation
BestOffice Big and Tall Office Chair 500lb
  • Best for Big Tall 
  • Extra Comfort
  • Easy Assemble
HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair
  • Tilt tension controls the rate and ease of recline
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment moves the seat up and down to adapt to various body heights
  • 360-degree swivel provides freedom of movement in any direction
Ficmax High-Back Executive Office Ergonomic Chair
  • Premium Quality Material
  • Built to last
  • Designed for Comfort
Duramount Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair
  • Soft cushion seat with sturdy head rest offers maximum comfort
  • Features pneumatic controls that offers easy installation and usage
  • Adjustable lumbar support

1. BestMassage High-Back 500lb Office Chair

The BestMassage High Back is an executive office chair that features heavy components for plus-sized users. It is built from premium material and is capable of holding up to 500 pounds of weight. 


This chair features plush padding on the backrest and seat to help completely reduce pressure on your body while you find comfort. The backrest is S-shaped to conform to your spine for sufficient and healthy support. The seat, however, spots a waterfall edge design that helps to reduce pressure on the underside of the legs by enhancing blood circulation. Moreover, the armrests are padded for excellent wrist support.

Ergonomic properties 

The chair has several movable parts that help you get the customized support you want. For instance, the seat can be height-adjusted with the help of a pneumatic lever beneath the seat. You can also tilt and lock the backrest with the help of an integrated tilt and tilt lock feature.

Moreover, you can swivel around the chair with the help of a certified gas lift pump. You can also move around the office with the help of durable wheel casters.

Commercial-sized components

This best big and tall office chair has solid components that make it usable for any-sized users.


The chair spots a solid construction that sees it able to carry a weight of around 500 pounds.


  • Suitable for plus size users
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable


  • Lacks a separate headrest

2. BestOffice Big and Tall Office Chair 500lb

This is a fantastic chair for an affordable price that comes in your choice of three different colors. It has a reclining feature with tilt lock and tilt tension adjustment.

Weight capacity

This chair has a 500-pound weight limit as well as an electronic massage lumbar support feature. The seat is 24 inches wide plus 21.5 inches deep.

It moreover has headrest pillows and is built with durable materials and has nylon caster wheels. 

Breathable mesh 

This chair has a breathable mesh backrest that aids to keep your body sweat-free and cool when using it. Also, the mesh design provides the chair an exclusive stylish look for the office or home decoration inclusion. 


This heavy duty office chairs 200kg, owns commercial-grade components that are appropriate for the ‘plus size’ user. For example, the seat is more spacious than in normal office chairs, giving you a larger space to relax your hips for more comfort. The chair furthermore features a high back that improves support for heavier people.


This chair is made to offer you the greatest comfort and support to maximize your efficiency. It has a densely padded seat that makes you comfier by dropping the pressure on your back as you sit. Besides making your body remain cool, the mesh back moreover provides you a more comfortable feel. The inclusion of the lumbar support improves lower-back support.

Ergonomic design 

Numerous movable parts of this chair aid you achieve tailored comfort. You could adjust the seat’s height with the aid of a lever that is situated underneath it. You can furthermore tilt the chair’s backrest to attain a reclining resting position. The chair has adjustable armrests that aid you get modified hand and wrist support. Furthermore, you could perform a 360-degree swivel, because of a certified and sturdy gas-lift pump. Also, you could move about the office with the aid of sturdy wheel casters at the edges of the base. This helps while there is a need for multitasking.


This chair is built to last. It would serve you for a long period without breaking down. With its solid structure, it could withstand a weight of around 400 pounds.


  • 500-pound weight limit
  •  Tilt lock plus tilt tension adjustment
  •  Electronic massage lumbar support


  • This chair does not have a tall backrest

3. HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair

The HON Wave Big and Tall Executive chair is top pick because of its astonishing combination of durability, comfort, and price. 


If you are not a fan of leather-like office chairs, this big and tall mesh office chair is a great choice for you. The light breathable material would feel nice on your back and stop it from sweating. 

Weight capacity

The chair features a strong 450 lb. weight capacity, which is perfect for heavier and taller people. You could also enjoy all the ergonomic features the HON office chair delivers. It has adjustable reclining and armrests. And pneumatic height adjustment and customizable lower back support. In brief, this chair would take good care of your posture throughout workdays. 


Because of the five-star resin base and durable wheels, this best office chair for wide hips would convert one of your preferred office items. Plus, you will also get a HON 5-year Limited Warranty. So, you could be safe in case something goes wrong with your chair. 

The HON big and tall executive chair would easily adapt to your body as well as be your best office friend for years. 


  • Adjustable back, height, and armrests
  • Sandwich mesh cushion with two layers of padding
  • Ergonomic design and high-quality material


  • The chair could feel stiffer than most regular chairs

4. Ficmax High-Back Executive Office Ergonomic Chair

This is an extremely economical gaming chair that would really confirm you have the correct posture. But, keep in mind that you will get what you pay for while you purchase this. If you are looking for a chair that’s comfy, you should think about this choice.


What we actually like about the chair is its vibrator feature which is situated in its lumbar support. It is a great small feature usually only found in higher-end office chairs. And, if you can find a good sitting position on this chair you will not need to settle for any other kind of chair! Although we would love this connector to have just larger and stronger however you don’t have to request that much in these price point.

Durable Material

The exterior of the chair is protected with a high-quality PU leather that keeps its color and is easy to clean. The padding on the chair is made from high-density sponge that holds its elasticity and does not deform over time.

Swivel and Tilt

The Ficmax Swivel Ergonomic Chair contains 360-degree swivel. And a 180-degree tilt and lock mechanic.

Adjustable Armrests

The armrests on this model of the Ficmax Chair includes wider armrests with a shape that better suits your arms. The armrests could be adjusted up and down, but not left or right.

Strong Framework

The chair uses an incorporated metal frame to support up to 300 pounds securely. The base is a heavyweight design with strong casters. The gas spring used for height adjustment is explosion-proof for extra safety.


  • A great substitute in place of DXRacer chairs
  •  High-grade framework and materials for longevity
  •  A lot less costly than the choices that were the first on this list Amazing vibrating feature
  •  Detachable footrest is an amusing feature
  •  Adjustable armrests for numerous heights


  • The Footrest needs to be manually pulled out before it could be used
  • The general design might not work well for a main office setting

5. Duramount Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

A top-tier executive office chair for a heavy person that will keep you comfortable as you carry on your day-to-day work. It has a wide range of adjustable features that will help you adjust it to your real preferences.

The Duramount office chair for fat person is one of the high-priced chairs on the list. However, it is packed with features that make it worthy and has a 90-day cash-back guarantee.


The adjustable lumbar support that this chair for a heavier person comes with, is perhaps the main cause you have to pay for this chair. It goes up, down, in, and out, henceforth allowing you to find the most at ease position as you work.

Furthermore, this best office chair for 400lbs has a recline mechanism. It will allow you to tilt the backrest otherwise sit straight.


The Duramount office chair for overweight people has a sufficiently padded cushion therefore, making it very comfy to sit on. Furthermore, it has an attached headrest which adds to the comfort while you lean back.


The most attractive part of this plus-size office chair is the capability to adjust everything from the height, backrest, and even the arms.


Its mesh backrest would keep you cool for hours on end through the warm weather. This executive office chair is worth every penny. For more first-hand experiences on this best office chair for overweight person, check out the customer reviews at amazon. You will find even more reasons why to purchase it.


  • Comfortable
  • Money-back guarantee.
  •  330 weight capacity
  • Adjustable back support


  • Slightly expensive

Things to Consider Before Buying best office chair for fat person

Are you tired of uncomfortable traditional office chairs? And you want to choose a big and tall chair that would deliver you with ultimate comfort through the workday? A chair designed for a bigger or taller person might be crucial in a better, comfier workspace. Here is what you need to know beforehand you make the ultimate decision:

Seat Height 

The most significant feature to bear in mind as a big and tall user is the chair’s seat height. Most office chairs offer a height modification range; tall people need to pay attention to the minimum plus maximum ranges. Depending on the kind of chair you select, you could get anyplace from three to 10 inches of height adjustment. Active sitting or chairs designed for standing desks tend to offer the biggest seat height — frequently with a 10-inch range. Traditional office chairs would range among three to six inches of obtainable height adjustment.

Weight Capacity

Depending on your weight, you might want a office chair that supports 400 lbs otherwise more. It is one of the main benefits of these kinds of chairs. According to ANSI/BIFMA standards for big occupant office chairs, 400 lbs. is the threshold for a person. They’re a leader in office furniture standards and owing to that, several of the chairs on our list meet that standards. 

Ergonomic Features

Along with lumbar support, we look at other ergonomic features like the armrests, reclining, height adjustment, seat ergonomics, and more. The better it is for your ergonomics plus the more adjustability/ features, the better. 

Lumbar support 

Any good office chair must come with lumbar support, on the other hand it’s especially significant with a big and tall chair. What you are in search of is the S-shape frame in the back to mimic a spine. Oftentimes there would be support behind mesh or additional padding.

Adjustable Armrests

Getting your chair’s armrests to the appropriate level and position is important to your comfort. You would be astonished at how uncomfortable it could be with them in the wrong position. While shopping for a chair, check for this feature and for the amount they can adjust.


You are most likely to find office chairs in mesh, fabric, plus faux or real leather. Mesh is typically the most reasonable and is also the most breathable of the upholstery choices. But you could also get completely upholstered fabric, faux and genuine leather office chairs. Just bear in mind that a completely padded backrest is frequently less breathable. Though, thanks to inventions like bonded otherwise PU leather, breathability is not as much of an issue as it used to be.


For a heavyweight office chair, the more adjustments, the better. Thus, lookout for a chair that permits you to adjust the depth, height, and arms for tailored comfort.


Comfort is key to a good office chair. It is likely you will be sitting in it for hours thus you’ll want something that will not cause you aches and pains afterward hours of use. We gauge comfort by testing for 4+ hours along with looking at the thickness of the seat cushion plus its material.


Not all office chairs are made the same. Our durability factor looks at the quality of the materials and how robust the chair is after assembly. Since we have a limited tested period, we also conduct client research of longtime users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best ergonomic chair for fat people? 

My top pick would be the BestMassage High-Back 500lb Office Chair. It supports up to 500 lbs of weight, delivers lots of wiggle room, and has a leading-edge ergonomic design. It has a ton of high-end features that aid to properly support your spine plus promote good posture.

What is the most durable type of chair base? 

The new standard for office and gaming chairs is to use a 5-star base, which is greater to a 4-star base. Heavyweight steel bases are typically the best as they are sturdier and more durable than other materials. Aluminum is moreover a good choice as it is both strong and lightweight. It is better to avoid plastic bases as they are less strong and can support less weight.

What makes a chair ergonomic? 

A chair is ergonomic if it efficiently supports you to maintain good posture with the smallest amount of effort. Factors that make a chair ergonomic include adjustability, shape/design, lumbar support, and a tall backrest. it must have well-positioned as well as adjustable armrests, and more.

How do I decide the best chair seat depth for me? 

To calculate the correct seat depth for your body, sit in a vertical position on a chair. And measure the distance from the base of your spine to the furthest end of your inner thighs. Subtract 2 inches from that size to find the faultless chair seat depth.

Do Weight Limits on Chairs Matter?

Yes. If you are simply a little bit over the suggested limit of a chair, you’ll perhaps be fine. That means if the upper weight limit of the chair is 300 lbs, like some of the ones on our list, and you weigh around 306 lbs, you would most likely be fine. Owing to this, it is always best to stay inside the limits listed for the chair in the product description. 

Final Thoughts on office chair for heavier person

There are office chairs accessible that have all kinds of great designs and features. Some have reclining capability while others have massaging lumbar support.

These chairs all have wide seats plus higher than normal weight limits to accommodate heavier people. They use robust materials and come in a plethora of diverse styles.

There are also reasonable options for those on a budget and high-end ones. And for those that want something more fashionable or longer-lasting.

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