If you are working long hours, you might be acquainted with pain in your lower back. When you sit for hours on end, your muscles and nerves could tense up under the extra pressure strain. This Make Office Chair Cooler discomfort could span from your neck to your legs. Yet, another issue could add to your pain: sweat! While some chair cushions will leave you hot, suffocating and miserable. Instead, a cooling seat cushion is designed to do just the opposite.

Today, we are looking at how to make office chairs cooler, why you need cooling seat cushions, and which ones are the best buys around. 

How To Make Office Chair Cooler

What Is a Cooling Seat Cushion?

It is all too easy to overheat. When you are seated at your office all day, it is natural to stay in one position for an extended period. As you do, your level of breathability reduces, especially if you are dressed in thick cotton materials. It is not unusual for perspiration to pool around your lumbar area, which could make you even more uncomfortable. 

A cooling seat cushion is a special kind of chair cushion designed to perform two main tasks:

  • Keep you cool while you use it
  • Lessen pressure on your lower back, hips as well as tailbone

How does Office Chair Cooler work? 

Most cooling seat cushions are packed with an exclusive type of gel-infused memory foam. If you have ever slept on a memory foam mattress, you know how comfortable and relaxed the material could be. It is designed to contour your curves and offer a modified level of support that you cannot find anywhere else. 

What if we told you that you could take that comfort one step further?

Gel-infused memory foam is just memory foam that has been filled with inventive, cooling gel beads. While it may not sound like the main addition, it is an unbelievable upgrade that makes a visible difference.

PROs of Cooling Seat Cushion

  • It is NOT a gimmick as well as does the job. The seat cushion ultimately DOES make sitting comfier, which is pretty interesting to us! Massage-like feeling with all the cells rubbing alongside the bum whereas we are sitting down.
  • The honeycomb build and the gel material helps to improve blood flow. We know this since, once we get up, we can see those cell-like marks all over our bum! As we understand the procedure, this cushion somewhat irritates the skin just enough to get all that blood flowing in the area. By no means this is a hurting experience, rather a more therapeutic, health-promoting influence which we instead enjoy.
  • It fits us flawlessly. The gel set cushion also does not slide off any surface with or without the cover. It does not slide down is a massive benefit since maintaining a good stance is a lot easier.
  • The breathability is brilliant. The air is flowing over the cells of the seat cushion, which certainly helped to keep our bum dry and, well, aired.
  • It is also very easy to transport. And that is for two causes. First, this gel seat cushion is very easy to curve or roll and second, it is very lightweight (only 1.3 lbs. OR 0.6 kg at max). It means that we will be carrying it in hand luggage when flying.
  • Easy to care for. It is undoubtedly the easiest seat cushion to care for as washing it takes 2-3 minutes and warm, soapy water. Moreover, it has a machine washable cover.

What Different Kinds Are Available?

When you are in the market for a new seat cushion, you will notice that there are several diverse designs to sort through.

Gel-Infused Coccyx Seat Cushions

If your tailbone tends to go numb while you sit in your office chair all day, start with our Gel Infused Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion. 

This cushion features an advanced formula, filling the foam with gel for lavish comfort. While the gel already magnifies the cushion’s breathability considerably, we also added tactical ventilation holes to keep you even cooler.

Every time you sit down on the cushion, you will trigger those cooling agents; thus, you are less likely to overheat.

This cushion is designed to release pressure from your coccyx. Thus, you do not stand up with new aches and pains that were not there before. It is exclusive U-shaped design consistently distributes your weight. Therefore you are not putting too much pressure on any particular area. It relieves pain in your legs, tailbone, lower back, lumbar region, hips, plus coccyx. 

For these aims and many others, doctors and orthopaedic experts recommend Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion to patients looking for relief from swelling, chronic tailbone pain, and strains. 

Gel-Infused Lumbar Support Cushions

A gel-infused lumbar support cooling cushion can aid you to prevent injuries in the first place. Simultaneously, if you experience any stresses or aches in your back, it could help relieve that tension. So it does not dominate your day.

A lumbar support cushion sits from the mid of your back and follows down to your lower back, otherwise the lumbar region. Not only does it offer padding wherever you need it most, but it could also correct your stance. You are free to adjust the cushion anyplace on your chair back to offer just the correct amount of support.

Try Gel Infused Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cooling Cushion if you are looking for one! This one is made with premium memory foam for unparalleled support. It also has similar ventilation holes for you to enjoy.

Gel Infused Seat and Back Cushion Sets

You do not have to sacrifice lumbar support for coccyx support plus vice versa. Today, most companies who design gel-infused seat cushions would also offer two-piece sets that let you experience the finest of both worlds.

Take Memory Foam Seat Cushion plus Back Cushion set, for example. 

This dynamic duo will release your back pain and help you sit more contentedly all day long. But it will also convert any standard office chair into the luxurious, supportive chair of your dreams. You could adjust the back cushion anyplace on the chair that you need to, thanks to the dual adjustable bands on both cushions. 

Air-Conditioned Seat Cushion

If you have to work at the office all day or like to sit around for long periods, you know that your butt could get hot, particularly in the summer months. The solution is the astonishingly cool new Air-Conditioned Seat Cushion.

Just place this inventive seat cushion on your chair, sit down, and turn it on. An in-built fan creates a continuous air flow over a grid of internal flexible spacers. It allows a person to sit contentedly with no build-up of sweat otherwise humidity inside the cushion. Furthermore, a higher-grade model includes a seat-sensitive on/off switch with a more durable dual-layer material. 

What Are the Features of the Best Cooling Seat Cushion?

We have shared a few of the most common kinds available. But how can you differentiate one gel-infused seat cushion from the next? What special features would you look for as you start your search? Let us review a few of the Best Cooling Seat Cushion features.

Easy to Maintain

Your new cooling gel seat cushion will not be much use if you spill your morning coffee all over it, and it converts dingy plus stained in a few days. 

Without concern about messing it up outside repair, you need a cushion that you can take with you anywhere you go. We designed all of our gel-infused memory foam seat cushions with detachable covers! Any time you need to, take away the cover and wash it with cold water to make it look as good as new!


You do not have to lug around a heavyweight cushion to get the support you require. Your cooling gel cushion would be lightweight for easy transportation and use.

Search for one that offers maximum support without weighing you down. Heavy cushions might upsurge your sweat level, which could make you less comfy in the long run.

Adjustable Belts

No two backs are created precisely alike. The cushions you use to support yours should not be unmovable and stationary. Try to find a cooling pillow that contains dual adjustable straps.

You could move it up or down on your seat to offer just the correct amount of targeted pressure relief plus spine support. Also, these straps are there to keep the seat cushion in place as you move around during the day!


Could your office’s cushions and other upholstery be the criminals behind your chronic sneezing, wheezing, plus itchy eyes? Researchers have found that dirty pillows could carry germs of all kinds. They could also be hosts for dust mites as well as other allergens.

That is why you need a seat cushion as hypoallergenic as possible. The ones you will find include air holes that stop the accretion of germs, bacteria, plus other microorganisms. As long as you wash the cover every so often, you can enjoy years of allergy-free satisfaction. 

Lifetime Guarantee

Trustworthy and reliable manufacturers would stand behind their products. Before you compare your choices and study the gel cushions’ brands, ask about each one’s lifetime warranty policy.

Create a checklist of these features and keep it close by as you study your options! There are not many cooling gel seat cushions that could meet all of them, but the coccyx, lumbar and wheelchair cushions you will find in the market.


Are you ready to finally stop sweating the day away? Are you Looking for targeted, effective release from your achy back and sore tailbone? 

The correct cooling seat cushion could do it all, and it is time to add one to your office. While there are many diverse kinds on the market, the best one would come with adjustable straps, an easy-to-clean cover, a lifetime warranty and other vital features. It would also be hypoallergenic and lightweight to accommodate daily use.

If you want to make your office chair cool, you have chosen the right place. There are a variety of models in the shop, both online and offline. These are designed to help prevent and treat backaches, sciatica, tight hips etc. 

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