organize craft supplies small space is a long-extended branch with lots of materials and tools to explore. Many people have the misunderstanding that only pencils, tapes, pens, and a few other ingredients belong to crafts. However, that is not logical.

Everybody has a small amount of craftsmanship since they are vital items in our daily lives. But we do not require too much space to organize them.

If you are involved in crafts, you should have almost all the materials and tools, and organizing could not be avoided.

If you do not know how to organize craft supplies in a small space, then you have come to the accurate place.

Whereas we will give you all the perfect descriptions about craft supplies step by step. That will not disappoint you but will encourage you to organize, so let’s get started.

How to organize craft supplies small space

Declutter, declutter, declutter! 

The first stage to take while storing your craft supplies in a small space is to purge and declutter. being capable to fit your craft supplies in a small space this is totally the most significant part. you truly need to be picky about what stays plus what goes when you are storing craft supplies in a small space. It is really easy to let craft cutter get out of control. And in a small space, it gets out of control rapidly.

Thus make certain to give your craft stash a good cleaning. And go through your supplies often to discard things you do not need or will not use. Make your craft materials fit in the space you have.

Specify the suitable place set for work

Mainly, select a place that is light and clean, and airy, even if it is a small place. But specify a few places steps by step to keep the craft tools together there. Also, the space would be very close to your PC desk or nearby the reading table.

Moreover, the small space must be in one corner of the room so that there is normally no interference from other individuals. Especially, it will be an appropriate place where you will feel comfy working with the craft tools. And would find the handicrafts at your fingertips.


Vertical space is frequently underused through a home, and it is especially true while it comes to handicraft room storage.

In your craft space, maximize storage by adding floating shelves to the wall. This would allow you to store craft paper rolls, small craft boxes etc. on your wall without using any floor space.

You can add another shelf above wherever you are storing craft supplies.

Incorporate Vertical Bins

If you need craft room ideas for small spaces, building upward instead of outward with vertical bins is an easy storing solution. It permits you to fit a surplus of items into even the smallest of spaces. Use bins for thread rack/thread storage, ribbon storage, or scrapbook paper storage.

Cubbies are a crafter’s best buddy

Even a small craft room has room for cubbies. And Storage cubbies are the faultless organizing shelf. You can fill a cubby with more shelves, baskets plus containers to truly maximize your space. Several cubbies could be left open therefore you could see what is inside while others could be closed.

Use Baskets

Plastic baskets or Small woven can help in keeping crafts organized. You could use see-through ones for things you might forget to use if you could not physically see them. Rope or woody baskets for your daily favorites.

Try a Rolling Cart

The magnificence of rolling cart is that it goes flawlessly in and out of a storing closet. If you look carefully, you will see that this cart gets additional organization because of small acrylic basket. That provide everything a labelled spot.

Hang Hooks Inside a Door

This entire closet is crafter’s dream. It is somewhat as simple as few hooks behindhand the door could make a world of a difference. It organizes paint brushes, scissors, or washi tape. Crafters love door storage since it is otherwise wasted space.


Several rooms have in-built storage in the closet otherwise even built-in in shelves. But that is not often the case, which could sometimes make organizing plus storage more hard.

You do not have to hide your supplies! Actually, if you have a selected space for crafting, like an additional bedroom or office space, you could even use crafting supplies as decor!

Get a display board (pegboards are faultless for this) plus paint it. Then you could add hooks and hook on small shelves, baskets or bins, that store your supplies.

By small shelves hooked onto the board, you could display fabric. Or with bins, you could display fun, vibrant supplies. You could even just place scissors straight onto a hook on the board hence you will never lose them again.

This is when your sense of inventiveness can truly shine! Your storage does not have to be only practical, however with a fun board like this, it could act as decor too.

Keep similar items together

Discover all your crafts plus put them together in one place. Then divide them into diverse sections like needle thread on one side, pens on one side, markers, color pencils, and all other things.

Next, store them in discrete boxes, bags, otherwise containers. Certainly, keeping the similar items in the same place makes it easy to discover very quickly. And this technique will be beneficial while you replenish them later.

When these items are put together in a container or case, it is not easy to discover them in time. Though, organizing the crafts is not the end; cleanliness is a must, thus always clean the crafts.

But if any unnecessary crafts are not probable to be used later, discard them and clear the space.

Use smaller drawers for smaller materials

If you work small, or do not have lots of space, a big craft cart may not be for you. You can use the Stackable Craft Organizer Drawers since the whole set is less than 15 inches long and only 6 inches deep. It is a good desktop companion.

There is a choice between a 10-drawer model or a 20-drawer model. Thus if you have bigger things then go with the former but if you have smaller parts go with the latter. 

Select craft closets

Many low-cost closets are accessible in the market that could be selected across the wall. And do not waste any additional space in the house.

Therefore, you could make appropriate use of the walls to collect the crafts in the house. However, if you cannot purchase these wall cupboards, you can make them yourself. You can use different DIY techniques to make such closets.

Select a cabinet with lots of small storage otherwise drawers wherever a lot of stuff could be stored plus does not need much space.

Separate all your items into diverse containers.

One of the greatest things you could do while organizing craft supplies is to separate them out by group and kind. While you do this, craft supplies that usually get lost in the shuffle convert much easier to find.

It also makes it lots easier for your children to know where things go while they are done using them. Since each item would have an especially designated spot.

Of course, this may sound like a big task. You might think that you do not have enough space for lots of bins and containers. But you could get so many diverse sizes. And, if you do not want to purchase a lot of new containers or bins, you could repurpose old items.

This is a great idea particularly if you are on a budget! Organizing does not have to be costly!

Use Clear Containers

Clear containers are a fashionable way to store small items. And more, their transparent nature creates it easy to see the insides. Whether you are sorting jewels, tiny pom-poms or buttons, a glass container is the faultless storage solution. Big jars could even keep crayons, chalk, or markers. Take benefit of the jars’ visual charm by organizing them in plain sight on a shelf or desk. You could line them up by color for an exciting rainbow effect.

Organize Based on Project

You could be a multi-project crafter or always re-forming projects that require the similar materials. Organizing the materials by project would simplify your crafting experience. In place of placing distinct items away, retain all materials for similar project together. Thus you could easily pickup wherever you left off.

For instance, storing scrap booking supplies together. Or keep everything you require for crocheting all in one place. Search for containers like fabric bins, plastic boxes, or robust baskets to keep your project stuffs.


One of the most significant and effective handicraft room organization ideas is to label everything. Clearly using clear containers could help you and your children easily see what is stored inside. however, labeling takes it a step further.

Labeling stuffs in your craft room could help you remember what goes in definite containers. And they keep you responsible for placing things back correctly.

Labeling could also help remind you of craft room organization ideas thus you don’t have to search for that one organizer! No more searching all-round the house for Sharpie you require– you will know right wherever it is!


Another alternate to shelves is hang rods on the wall. Using rods is a great method to organize supplies since it allows you to use wall space that might not be accessible otherwise.

Attach rods to the wall plus use hooks with storage baskets to hang on them. You could store anything that you wish easy access. Like scissors, glue, otherwise even paintbrushes and other supplies you use regularly!

They are an attractive and practical method to display supplies.

This idea could be utilized in any room on any wall and would help keep everything off the floor. Thus it is even better if your craft room is on a basement otherwise garage level!

File your fabric

Any crafter will know that purchasing fabric could be additive. When you spot a lovely fabric, it is hard to resist purchasing it.

The issue comes while you understand you need to store all the stuff you are not using! Big teetering piles of fabric are not perfect. And stuffing it all in boxes just means you forget all the fabrics at the bottommost of the heap.

If this all sounds acquainted, try this mastermind idea– filing your fabric! Use an old filing cabinet to precisely store your fabrics in a super satisfying method. It keeps your fabric neat and out of sight, and you could easily see what fabrics you have to select from.

Make a versatile organizer from stool

The versatile craft supply organizer is prepared from an old wooden stool! It is faultless to organize craft supplies.

When it is turned upside down, the stool offers a faultless area for storing long stuffs like rolls of wrapping paper. The wooden bars are perfect for hanging baskets or bags to store smaller items.

You might adapt this idea to store almost any kind of craft supply, depending on what you select to hang on the sides!

Trash bag holders are great for rolls of vinyl

Isn’t it amazing how the simplest of objects could be used in a really imaginative way! You can use trash bag holder to store rolls of Cricut vinyl!

Fortunately, none would guess your cherished craft supplies were being stored in a trash bag holder. It actually looks really attractive, as it is simply made from white plastic.

You could use the similar holder to store small rolls of wrapping paper, too!

Keep balls of yarn in wine rack

Even if you only have a fairly small area of wall accessible, you could make great use of the space through storing your yarn in a woody wine rack.

The diagonal shelves look actually attractive. And if you organize your yarn by color, you will be keeping your craft supplies neat and accessible. You will also be creating a spectacular piece of artwork for your craft room!

Use transparent hanging organizers for small craft

If your selected craft requires tons of smaller items the clear hanging organizers are a fanciful storage solution. The smaller items are beads, small tools, spools of thread, etc. 

Since the organizers could be hung on a wall, it furthermore clears up your floor otherwise cupboard space for other things.

If you are feeling super organized, you might even label each little pocket with its contents. Just to help you make certain everything stays in the correct place.

frequently asked questions

What is craft and examples?

The definition of a craft is a special skill otherwise art or a job that needs a special skill or art. An example of a craft is stitching a costume. An instance of a craft is carpentry.

How do you store hobby supplies?

Use desk drawer space to keep supplies handy under your workspace. Use a combination of drawer dividers plus small containers to organize requisites within reach. Store craft supplies in one layer (no piling) to make it easier to see accessible supplies fast.

How do you organize a craft room checklist?

Craft room organization, step-by-step: Decide your craft room groups. Decide on your passion activities. Give away craft supplies you no longer enjoy. Place all like craft supplies together. Purge your passion activities. Purge other stuffs remaining in your craft room. Organize your craft room with labeled spaces.

How do you organize crafting paper?

You can organize your scraps by size otherwise theme/color. Limit yourself to the magnitude of scraps you keep. You can try to limit the size of scraps to a photo size of 4” x 6” and above. Store the scraps in tiny boxes, small page protectors otherwise drawers.

Is organize a hobby?

Organizing is an expertise, and it can be attained through learning and coaching. When Organizing converts, a hobby, it would guide you to perfection in performance. Thus, organizing is a skill and might become a hobby simultaneously.

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Wrap Up

Everything is perfect for planning and inventiveness. Since even a tiny corner in the room can be brilliantly engaging if the tactic is known.

The walls, the bare space around the desktop, the baskets could all be used where diverse craft supplies could be arranged according to size.

After organizing, refine the system to improve your craft supplies plus make them more effectual for use. However, you must try your best to avoid extra and needless ‘crafts’. So that you could organize the crafts in a small space of time. Hope all our info will help you the most.

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