As usual, the eraser gets stuck when they become too short. People use various kinds of tricks to get an eraser out of a mechanical pencil. Use of pen pins, fingernails, and paper clips till now is okay. Then some might even use their teeth. Yuk… what a horrid! that takes it to the extreme.

Did you experience such a thing as a witness or user?

Operating fingernails or teeth mostly fails and makes the case even worse. To rescue from such experiences, we made this guide on how to get an eraser out of a mechanical pencil. From here, you can get an eraser out of a mechanical pencil like a pro.

And of course, it’s not just about how to get an eraser out of a mechanical pencil. Furthermore, we will discuss how to Replace Eraser in Papermate Mechanical Pencil, and how to Wash an Eraser and return it to Papermate Mechanical Pencil. Let’s drag to the leading pinpoint.

Guidance on how to Get an old eraser Out of a Mechanical Pencil:

How to get an eraser out of a mechanical pencil

Action 1: Remove Cap and reveal the underneath eraser of a Mechanical Pencil

This incident might be very expected among mechanical pencil users. Don’t be tense! your journey to remove the eraser from a mechanical pencil will activate from here. First, remove the plastic covers on the top segment of the eraser without damaging the eraser or mechanical Pencil. 

You can use strong and sharp goods to get through this thin layer of plastic. Which will help you to grab hold of the eraser underneath and pry some corners loose. A screwdriver may work, too. But you need to be careful with it.

Now you are prepared for action 2. 

Action 2: Using Pliers, Paper Clips, Thumbtacks, or Screws Pull Off the eraser from your mechanical pencil 

Fishing Hook

Really a fishing hook? Smells Ew, right! Yeah, likely a little bit. Instead of damaging or using fingernails, a fishing hook is even better to get your eraser out. You won’t need to struggle with its looping structure. And, of course, there is a chance that you can actually succeed on the first try!

The mechanism is too easy to catch fish.

  • Inside the eraser of your mechanical pencil push the sharp and keen point of the fishing hook.
  • You need to make sure that the eraser grabs the hook and is stuck on the sharp point accurately.
  • You don’t need to twist it, just gently pull it out.

After seeing the face of that stubborn little eraser we guess you may be satisfied. If it doesn’t work you need to try the next options.

Twist, Twist, Twist…

To get a stuck eraser from your mechanical pencil twisting might be the easiest way. Pulling out the eraser can seem easier to you. Mostly this workout doesn’t obtain success. If it doesn’t perform that way, you can merely twist using a pin or fishing hook to dig out the eraser. In such a situation, we will suggest just keep twisting.

Paper Clips

Paper Clips are common components on reading tables. Okay, just after twisting, now you are going to experience something childish. You may find it funny but effective. And proximate to what people from old movies used to do with paper clips.

No, I’m not going to teach you how to get coins from your piggy bank using a paper clip! But you will definitely learn how to get an old eraser out of a mechanical pencil using it. So, here are those steps for you. 

  • First, grab a clean paper clip and unbend it.
  • Fix the clip inside of the eraser maintaining a fine vertical angle.
  • keep a stronger grip on the clip covering most parts of it. Which is for better stability.
  • Now, push your holding clip gently and make sure it goes quite deeper. 
  • Then slowly pull the holding part of your clip upwards and the task will be done.

You should be gentle while making sure your clip is going into the eraser.  Otherwise, the paperclip will come back without the eraser or will be damaged. Still, we have two more tricks on how to get an eraser out of a mechanical pencil. Let’s test them out.


The following way of getting out a shortened eraser from your mechanical pencil is cheap too. It’s nearly as exact as the paperclip. But here thumbtacks are easier to handle and which advantage makes it more inviting. Compared to paper clips it gives a good grip as well. 

  • Dig the thumbtack into the eraser.
  • Now, Fix it inside of the eraser with a vertical angle.
  • Pull it up in the opposing direction.
  • And here the eraser is out.


It is the last trick on how to get an old eraser out of a mechanical pencil. And using a screw is probably the worst barbaric attack on a shortened eraser of a mechanical pencil! Pity eraser. 

  • Place the screw on the eraser and maintain underneath pressure.
  • Make sure that the screw is in the clockwise direction.
  • While the screw enters all the way down, twitch it in different directions like back and pull a little upward.
  • The eraser will come along with the screw.
  • Now, holding the eraser, rotate the screw in the anti-clockwise direction to unscrew. 

It’s as straightforward as paper clips and thumbtacks. But we will suggest not to use the last attempt If you have a plan to replace the eraser. Yippee!, you just grasped all of the mastermind schemes.

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Additional Tips and tricks

Here are included some additional tips and tricks for you to easier your mechanical pencil use: 

How to Replace Eraser in Papermate Mechanical Pencil

After getting a worn-out eraser, it’s a simple process to replace an eraser on a Papermate mechanical pencil 

  • Drag the knob side down underneath. 
  • Place the eraser on the empty space of your Papermate mechanical pencil. 
  • Gently clasp the eraser down until you can sense a weak pop sound. 

Now, you can have the eraser at your preferred level.

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How to wash an Eraser?

Sometimes people ask if it is possible to wash an eraser? Of course, first rinse it nicely. Then scrub off the gunk. You can even use a household soap, then dry it. 

But be careful about detergent, it can damage your eraser. After washing, you can let the eraser air dry for 10 to 20 minutes. You can use a cloth to dry it as well within one to two minutes.

Alternatively, you can cut off the scars from the eraser to give it a clean look. 

For 5 to 15 minutes you can sock it in a borax mixture and water. Then after rinsing with cold water take your eraser out and dry it. 

How Do I Fix a Jammed Mechanical Pencil?

As a user, you may find the damaged lead getting stuck inside why a mechanical pencil may Jammed. Also, there will be other elements such as dust that can block your everyday usage of the mechanical pencil. Here you can fix a jammed pencil on your own with the following steps. 

  1. Get an eraser refill yet if your mechanical pencil’s eraser doesn’t match the pencil size.
  2. Use the clean-out stick and clean perfectly, which will not be the cause of your pencil damage. Gently pushing down a safety pin also can clear out your jammed pencil properly.
  3. Fix your jammed mechanical pencil if something is stuck inside. 

Precautions while getting an old eraser Out of a Mechanical Pencil:

Hold perfectly

Hold perfectly with your hands when dragging the eraser from a mechanical pencil. You shouldn’t use both of your hands, because you will have no way to hold onto your pencil. If it unexpectedly breaks or cracks while getting out an eraser from your mechanical pencil. 

Make your grip easier while you are holding a mechanical pencil with your hand. They aren’t made to be tolerated extra pressure, so there’s always a possibility that they might break. 

Sometimes, you need to use quite a bit of force while trying to remove the eraser. For these reasons, we intensely recommend using one hand at a time with low pressure when performing this task.

Don’t Get Too Close to those properties like screw

When getting out an eraser from a mechanical pencil, you should never get too close to the eraser. What happens if sharpens a piece of it falls out of your hand? Yeah, it is too dangerous.

Furthermore, those Sharpen pieces could cause physical damage to your skin. Accordingly, there aren’t safe for your eyes or mouth as well.

Be careful While Getting the Eraser Out 

Be careful when using keen and sharp appliances such as screws, paper clips, and fishing hooks on your mechanical pencil. One mistake can harm your fingers or other body parts.

But apart from body injuries of your, too much force can break the mechanical pencil as well. And this attempt will make it unusable, that is not what you want. So always be careful. 

Some Helpful Tips When Using Mechanical Pencil:

1. If you are carrying a wooden pencil, always have a sharpener with you.

2. If your mechanical pencil lead breaks, remove the eraser following the tips. And place the new lead back into the pencil’s barrel. Hold the lead and operate your other hand to twist the eraser rear on.

3. Check your pencil when not in use and keep covering the lead and the eraser.

4. When it’s sharpened be careful with the tiny pieces that can come off the lead.

5. Drafting erasers are specifically designed for cleaning up graphite markings. So, normally use a drafting eraser to clean up your work and they won’t damage your paper as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the darkest mechanical pencil lead?

4B is the Darkest Mechanical lead grade. According to us, Pilot Neox Graphite lead is a highly recommended mechanical pencil lead. It’s particularly dark compared to the other lead brands.

Is mechanical pencil lead toxic?

Of course not. Because the mechanical pencil lead is exactly the same as a wooden pencil lead. Actually, it’s not lead but graphite is a nontoxic substance. The only difference between a mechanical pencil and a wooden pencil lead is not cased in wood.

How long does a Mechanical Pencil last?

It lasts for years if care is taken properly. Only when the interior mechanism is worn-out you will need to buy a new one. The mechanical pencil is a very economical and popular writing tool for its durability.

The Bottom Line

At first sight, getting out a shortened eraser from a mechanical pencil might look hazardous. But in actuality it’s simple. So, in the future, if you find an eraser of your mechanical pencil making trouble. 

Then choose any of these techniques to get it out. And of course, it’s not rocket science. Hoping these will help you in your tough times to take an eraser out of a pencil without doing any silly stuff.

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